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30 Days of Discipline & Modafinil
The name of the genius that wrote this book is Victor Pride who is the owner of the blog Bold&Determined. If you haven’t seen the video above you should watch it now, stop here and watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. Note that this video is over 3 years old from the day this post was published.

Even when this video is 3 years old, he is still getting stronger and bigger. In fact, bodybuilding is a big part of Victor Pride his life. He became a millionaire online, and he is giving away a lot of information away for free on his website!

I remember that he wrote that he came up with the name “Bold&Determined” while he was on his home from the gym listening to “Pantera – Mouth For War”. He made me quit my 9-5 job and now I own my own business.

My Thoughts About the Book + The Upgrade
I have read his complete website & archive in just a week and he has around 300 posts. Yep, I really like his articles and website, which is why I also recommend his e-book “30 Days of Discipline”.

But for me it is not 30 days of discipline anymore, I am permanently disciplined, I work 12 hours every day 12/7, and Victor Pride showed me what true discipline meant before I had it.

You want that discipline that breaks chains and takes names, and this book will show you what discipline means. But I am laughing about that nowadays as I am living this e-book every day, which brings me to the “upgrade” Modafinil.

With Modafinil, I was able to do more every day without more effort.

Can you Develop Discipline Easily?
I am gonna say it like Tony Montana “Fuck no”, developing discipline was one of the hardest things to do in my life when I consider that I was a lazy Gamer that played 12 hours per day and slept 12 hours per day just 3 years ago (2014).

But I had no idea what true discipline is either, and this book showed me what it really is, and what you can reach with this discipline. I was inspired and I wanted to change my life, don’t worry, I didn’t use modafinil on my first try, you can finish the 30 days of discipline without modafinil!

You will have to be tired of your life and you will need a goal that you work on in these 30 days of discipline! What about building a niche website to make passive money? It only takes 2 hours of your day every day!

Now imagine that you manage to finish the 30 days of discipline and that it has become a habit, imagine what you will able to achieve with this god level discipline!

You will be able to build a completely new niche website in just 1 week! Or you could clean your entire house in 1 day, or finish the paper work that is bugging you for months…

The possibilities are endless, fuck, you could even become a more disciplined professional gamer. If it is your dream to become a professional gamer this book will help you too!

You could write a plan of how your optimal day looks like. For example waking up at 05:00, doing light sports & eating a good healthy meal afterwards, practicing 4 hours after that, then watching replays for an hour.

After you are done with the replays you would do some pushups to get rid of the pent up energy and grab a healthy snack afterwards and get back to practice for 6 hours. The last 2 hours of the day are then used to clean your space, eat a healthy meal and prepare for the next day.

But enough about that, I can tell you what I achieved because I already told you, my friend, that Victor Pride became a millionaire with his outrageous self-discipline.

Here is How my Day Looks Like (workout day):
I wake up at 05:00, write 5000 words offline in open office for my websites, finish the translation work that I have to do, clean the house, hit the gym, go home and prepare the next day, work additional 1-2 hours and then I reward myself with video games for 1-2 hours (I recommend you find a reward too!)

Here is How my Workout Free Day Looks Like:
Wake up at 05:00, write 10000 words offline in open office and edit those, do housework, do 100 pushups, 100 squats and 100 crunches because I have too much pent up energy from sitting too much and then play video games for 1-2 hours as a reward and go to sleep.

As you can see, I have developed an outrageous work ethic, writing 300 words was a pain in the ass 2 years ago, I write around 10000 words on workout free days in around 7 hours, and I bet I will soon be able to write that in 5 hours.

This is what I am able to do nowadays, and you can achieve the same if you want to start a blog or niche website online to make passive money.

But I gotta be honest, modafinil makes me able to concentrate all the way through with almost no fatigue… I used to sleep 12 hours per day, nowadays I only sleep 6 hours and that is because of my work ethic and the modafinil that kicks my ass after taking it in the morning.

I was never really able to fix my sleep, I tried it for almost 3 years and even with that discipline, it was very hard. In fact, I had the discipline to do everything I needed to do, but I often overslept after the 30 days of Discipline.

I got everything in order except my sleeping schedule, maybe you have the same problem? Only modafinil was able to fix that for me.

Now you have a good idea how strong 30 days of discipline and modafinil combined are. No fatigue, more concentration, and outrageous discipline will get you very far.

The Motherfucking Contents of the Book
I will name every action that you have to take in this challenge but I will describe them in my way, after all, I don’t want to copy & paste his book here, Google and uncle Vic will send some real niggers my way to pop my dome if I do that.

Let’s review 6 of the 12 Headlines of the rather short ebook! It only has 25 pages, no filler, no bullshit! This eBook is actually an instruction! Let’s go.

1. A Feast for the Gods
This topic covers healthy eating habits to stay lean or to lose weight, and let’s be honest, we all love to eat tasty things! I really like donuts like Homer Simpson. Sadly, I get fat really fast nowadays. Give me 3 donuts for a week and I will gain 2KG.

We have to be really careful about what we eat. I made it a habit to stop eating sugar and resisting the temptation and because of that, I manage to stay lean and mean.

2. Rise and Shine
The early bird catches the worm. That means if you get up before everyone else you will be ahead of the competition, and since you become a winner you now have to wake up every day at 5 am.

For me personally, this was the hardest action of this book to take and I never managed to get this right without modafinil, I know, I am not perfect my friend, I am just happy that I got my sleep problems fixed.

I tried it for 3 years and even this challenge could not fix it for me. Before you consider the modafinil option please try this challenge honestly and thoroughly.

3. Comfortable? Not After This
We all love to sit in warm baths or take warm showers, but Victor Pride says fuck that and take cold showers because you have to embrace the uncomfortable every day to grow as a person and I fully agree with that.

He also writes that it increases your testosterone levels and that it is a really great way to wake up and I agree with that. I still do them nowadays, they are awesome, especially after the gym when your body is really hot. You will feel reborn, ready to kick some ass and chew bubblegum.

4. Willy Wanker, Let me Introduce You to Billy Badass
I don’t know if you have ever heard about NoFap, but it means to abstain from masturbation. Victor wants you to stay away from masturbation for 30 days.

Sounds insane? I did that shit for almost a year only to come to the conclusion that It distracts me too much from my business and that I get too horny/thirsty/needy. Suddenly women distract me too much.

If you have never done that you should try that to see how comfortable and daring you can be when you are really thirsty, you will do a lot of things for pussy which you have never thought before.

I simply advise you to try it so you get to know yourself better, afterwards you should stay away from this because you will be unable to focus on the things that matter.

5. Your Body is a Weapon
No surprise here, Victor tells you to get buff, but in a very disciplined military way. You will have to do 100 Pushups, 100 Squats and 100 crunches every day and still hit the gym.

For me, this was easy to do because to that time the gym was already my 2nd home. Coffee + Modafinil + 300 Reps every morning made my heart almost explode I was so fucking ready to destroy shit and do what has to be done to get that “fuck you money”.

A good side effect of this was that I got leaner because I did this immediately after waking up! Your body got an almost empty fuel after waking up, so it will zap on the fat cells to get that energy (losing fat).

6. Dress to Impress, Dress for Success
I know that most people don’t understand the importance of this, this is why I will explain it better than Victor does (and I learned the importance of this from his eBook!)

Men nowadays dress like homeless people, standard jeans and a boring t-shirt that covers a fat or skinny persons upper body. Or they run around in jogging pants or wear clothing that simply does not fit their size or age.

Do you look at girls who run around like homeless people? Of course, you don’t. Do you respect men who run around like homeless people in unhealthy bodies? You don’t.

And this is what people think about you when they see you running around like a hobo in an unhealthy body. Women will find you attractive and men will take you serious. And besides that, you should try to wear your old suit or your new suit if you have one or buy new fitting clothing that suits your age and looks masculine.

7. Do What You Need to Do
Writing a to do list is easy for me and this habit got build up after several tries of 30 days of discipline. I can not even remember the last time I went without a to do list. I can write around 300.000 words in a month. For comparison purposes: Harry Potter has 76,944 words.

I should actually do another 30 days of discipline but with the goal of writing 400.000 words in one month! Also, I would not throw away the to do list because you can use them to track your progress and make small or large adjustments depending on your goals and needs!

8. Stand Tall and Proud like a Lion
This is self-explanatory but I will tell you what it did for me (Since I started my first take at the challenge this became a habit). When you stand tall and press your chess outside and look forward (the only time to look downwards is to pick things up or to tie your shoelaces), you will feel much more confident.

In fact, you will be seen as dangerous and fearless when you pass a group of people. The one who looks away first submits. You can even make predictions based on how each boxer looks in his opponents face:

The referee looks at CroCop thinking “holy shiiiit, me better get from ring and make noodle” 

You don’t need to stare into peoples eyes like Crocop, but you must always look forward and never down. And hopefully you put your chest out and shoulders back, otherwise you look like a bag of shit!

An old friend who moved away once saw me and said “you walk like terminator”, I didn’t even look evil. I simply felt much more confident and friends talked to me in a different “more careful” way.

9. No Excuses, No Explanation, No Bullshit
You don’t make excuses, you simply say “yes” or “no” to yes or no questions and you don’t talk shit. After doing that I realized that people watch more carefully what I say because I simply talked less and therefore my words had a bigger impact.

People respect you more because you make no excuses and because you don’t explains why you do or did something (only when you have to, aka in front of the court, police, etc.). And last but not least, don’t trash talk if you want a mysterious & confident reputation.

10. Keep Those Ideas Written Down
This habit started with 30 days of discipline as well. I simply write my ideas under my to do file. I keep a file because I don’t need to waste paper for that. On the other hand, you can not take it with you if you need to if you keep it on your computer, so it depends on what you have to do.

I actually have to stop writing ideas down because I currently have around 200 ideas stored under my to do list, I wonder if I can act on all of them before I die? But… if you haven’t started doing it, now is the time to do that! And if you are smart you carry your smartphone or notepad with you…

Because if you do, you can record yourself just saying your idea into the smartphone’s microphone or write them down on your tiny notepad! Like that, you will never forget your ideas, which have the potential to make you a better, wealthier, healthier person!

11. Your Purpose Here
I had a particular goal and purpose even before I started with 30 days of discipline, I wanted to make money online so I would be able to quit my damn 9-5 job. I am now a free person but my hunger is not satisfied, I realized that I have ambition, and with the new self-discipline that I now have I want to get rich.

But you need the discipline to act on your ideas, goals and your purpose. Without acting on them they are just dreams written on paper or recorded on your smartphone.

A purpose is the most important thing in a man’s life, it has the power and might to make a formerly homeless person like Silvester Stallone once was rich. He was living on the street with his dog, tired of this life he made it his life purpose to finally live a better life, with that roaming in his head he wrote the script for Rocky.

At some point he could not even feed himself and sold his dog just to buy food… with the money that he earned later he bought his dog back (which you can see in the movie “Rocky”)

On the Seventh Day He Rested (But Not for Too Long)
I am not a fan of resting on Sunday, I became a beast through this program and resting on this day is blasphemous for me. But if you want to rest on Sunday then props to you that you managed the 6 days before like a boss. However, you should make very small goals towards your main goal for the next week.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, then you should prepare the food for your next 7 days and put it into tupperware. Like that you can just grab a tupperware box when you are hungry and keep hustling.

Please note that I don’t recommend to rest on Sunday, because the competition secretly works on Sunday and because you will only fuck around on that day which will steal your momentum. And these were all the headlines from the book and my opinion and experience with 30 days of discipline.

“And Modafinil?!”
Since I am a fucking badass I will tell you something additional to make that program easier while also making it more efficient. I hold modafinil in very high regards and it is essential to succeed in the business world nowadays.

“Don’t be stupid Phil”, ok try me, my friend, let’s see who finishes the first 10000 words faster to get the $1000 reward from Amazon for reviewing their website.

Soon we will be replaced by artificial intelligence my friend, and because of all the inventions of the last years, we will have to work even harder to keep up with everything because nowadays the easy work is done by software, machines, robots, women, and idiots.

“Create absolutely flawless perfect shit or I will get a refund” is the current mentality of the consumers, and it will get worse with the years.If you want to read a thorough guide about modafinil please click here. With that said, have fun reading how you can upgrade the program with modafinil!

How to Upgrade the 30 Days of Discipline with Modafinil
Modafinil is a drug for narcolepsy which Entrepreneurs, politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, wall street brokers and gamers use to enhance their focus and to eliminate their fatigue levels almost completely for a certain amount of time. It’s doping for the mind.

You will be able to wake up at 5 am and stay up with no fatigue / almost no fatigue till 10 pm, there is a reason high tier jobs require you to take it to succeed in them.

But that is not everything, you will also be able to concentrate almost the entire time because this drug gives you tunnel vision. Perfect for the 30 days of discipline as working out, dieting and waking up at 05:00 everyday demands the best of you.

And you better have a to do list because if you get read Facebook while you have modafinil in your blood you will get stuck on it for 2 hours without you realizing that you spent 2 hours on that fucking website.

I remember well when I subconsciously listened to binaural beats for 12 hours because I forgot to turn it off. Binaural beats are a good way to work because it is a soothing and relaxing sound that cancels out all the other outside noise, which is good to enhance your focus even further.

And 30 days of discipline combined with modafinil is just the perfect combination to make some serious money out there, you will simply have the discipline and the drugs to compete with the best.

30 Days of Discipline – The Conclusion
I give this book a rating of 8/10 because the no masturbation crap is absolutely useless and distracts you from what you have to do, you don’t want to waste your time chasing pussy and making bad decisions because your penile brain is thinking too much (eliminate that thirst).

But enough of that shit, 30 days of discipline is so damn short that even people that hate reading with low attention spans can read through this masterpiece in 30 minutes.

You will become a different man, a masculine independent man of strength, pride, and discipline. And all that on only 25 pages of no bullshit and actionable advice only.

And masculine men that work hard will tell you that discipline is the key to happiness, if you have worked a whole day being proud of what you have done, you will know what I mean, now top that off with knowing that you have made more money for yourself, and not for someone else.

It’s a game changer, a piece of art, an instruction of a drill sergeant that you have never seen.

“What Should I Do Now?”
Buy the ebook and change your life (click here), reading won’t help if you don’t put the actionable advice and knowledge to good use. You can buy Modafinil here (click here).

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.



  1. Joseph Jackson 02/09/2017 at 15:02 - Reply

    I have kicked porn out of my life but still masturbate, my penis reacts more to real girls but that is about all the benefits that you get from no porn! Still horny as fuck but my girlfriend loves my raging hard one!

  2. Ace-face 04/08/2017 at 14:39 - Reply

    Disagree with the no masturbation Phil, i´ve been without choking the chicken since 1st jan 2017… one of my biggest life changes.

    • Philip Braselmann 04/08/2017 at 15:02 - Reply

      If you can concentrate on the things that matter without thinking about pussy all the time then respect Ace.
      Not everyone can do that 🙂

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