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The Super Anti-Anxiety Compendium – 58 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is dark, cold, scary, and confusing. More than that, it can be debilitating. Anxiety has the potential to affect your work, your relationships, your happiness, and even your health. If you feel trapped in your own skin, hopeless about the future, or just want some techniques to reduce stress - this post is for you.

Lone Wolf no More – Why the Introvert Life Makes You Sad & How to Fix That (With my Story)

Are you an "Introvert" or a "Lone Wolf?" I want you to ask yourself the following question "Am I happy alone?". I am surely not, for years I have lived alone because I was afraid people would make fun of me for my essential tremor, make fun of me for being different.

The Comprehensive Super Guide to Transform From Skinny to Buff in One Year

I created this workout routine myself and the diet is my own. Workout a fuckton, Eat a lot and be disciplined. This is how I got buff. What worked for me will work for you too!

Why Introverted Men Will not Make Big Cash Offline or Online

Hello my friends, for everyone that does not know me. I am Philip Braselmann currently 26 years old and I am an Introvert. Before we start I need to clarify what "Introvert Business" is. Introvert Business = Introverts owning a business.

The Emasculation of Men Slave Mindset and How to Become a Free Man!

There is a war against men going on and there is no doubt about it. The point is clear since the Day men are born we get told how to serve and be obedient to women and the state. Obviously, I am a victim of it as well. How you might ask...?

How to Cure Your Own Depression – The Comprehensive Guide for Men Tired of Depression

This guide alone will make you able to cure your own depression (if you are a man). According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 9% of the men in the US have daily feelings of depression and anxiety! That is A LOT.

30 Days of Discipline and Modafinil – The Controversial Way to Godlike Discipline That Will Kill Any Depression

30 Days of Discipline and Modafinil together are the controversial way to godlike discipline that will also remove any type of depression! Are you ready to change your life and get rid of depression or do you need a permission for that?