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18 Characteristics of the Cuck That Lead to Depression
Watching your girlfriend or wife having sex with another man is what officially makes a man a cuck. It is the short form of “cuckold”.

But nowadays it has a much wider meaning than “just” watching your girl having sex with another man.  Nowadays the word gets thrown around a lot by masculine men.

For example, if you show signs of low self-respect you will be called a cuck. So what actually makes you a cuck? And why do cucks suffer from depression and low testosterone?

Firstly, you want to stop being depressed (if you are depressed), changing these characteristics and behaviors will help you to crush your depression forever.

And with forever I mean forever, sure you will have some episodes of feeling bad when something really bad happens, but it won’t be permanently anymore and much rarer.

Secondly, this article will make you able to identify a cuck without you knowing that he watched his girlfriend or wife (which are usually masculine because cucks are effeminate boys who can not handle women) having sex with another man.

Why should you care? Because if you want to become stronger you will have to avoid these people.

With that said, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the cuck.

1. They Wear Girly or Hipster Clothing
I bet you still see boys running around with these t-shirts that hang below their ass, and I am not talking about the clothing that blacks in the hood wear. I am talking about the t-shirts that have a half circle at the end of it which makes it look like a dress.

If you see that you can be sure that this guy is following the newest trends to be cool and accepted by people. These boys usually don’t respect themselves, otherwise, they would wear something manly.

Other pieces of clothing that show a lack of self-respect: Super tight jeans, Lumberjack shirts, chucks shoes, dirty or old clothing.

2. They Talk in a Higher Pitch with Girls
Just like girls do it cucks talk in a higher pitched voice to attract the opposite gender or to be liked by them.

If they somehow get a girlfriend they will be the submissive and feminine part in the relationship. This is why effeminate boys often have masculine girlfriends.

Masculine and Masculine often repel each other. It’s the same for feminine and feminine.

There is always one dominant (masculine) part and one submissive (feminine) part in the relationship.

It won’t take long till that girl cheats, breaks up or asks for a threesome.

The cuck will submit to not lose her because he lacks self-respect and purpose to live a good life by himself.

3. They Say That Muscular Guys Are Stupid
Thirst of all going to the gym is healthy, productive and makes you look better.

Your Testosterone levels will rise, you will become much more confident, and an increase in health makes you smarter.

Despite that, you can not simply go to the gym and think you get buff. You will have to take a very close look at nutrition, workout routines, proper technique and other important things.

Additionally, you learn how your body responds to certain foods and training, you really get to know yourself!

After 2 years I started to understand that a 4-split is the golden ratio for me, my body also responds better to heavy workouts.

I also learned that my technique simply looks off and that many people say it looks wrong.

But what they don’t see is that I got a buckled spine and long arms so it looks different for me.

How can someone that studies a certain topic, becomes healthier and more confident be stupid?

The people saying that muscular guys are stupid have to take a harsh look at themselves.

They stand no chance against masculine men when it comes to seducing women.

4. They Have No Proper Education or Hobbies
They are the first ones to hate others for their ideologies or hobbies.

Yelling things like “RACIST, BIGOT, SEXIST” with the hope to get attention and validation from women who will later cheat on them, break up or actually initiate the cuckolding because they despite submissive meek men.

Yes, they will agree with you because most women simply have no real knowledge or understanding of a subject because they don’t have to learn it. They get everything from other boys which I call cucks or also “manginas”.

So what did most of the cucks learn besides school stuff? Nothing, because they are ignorant and stubborn.

Stubbornness and ignorance are signs of a stupid person.

They are easy to abuse.

Looking like a Cuck

5. They Call Themselves “Feminist”
Feminists hate everything about men. Why should a man support these angry girls who are just frustrated and jealous because other women take more care of themselves and therefore get more from cucks?

There are only two stupid reasons to support them: Attention and validation.

Men who need attention and validation to life a good life are weak and dependent.

It is not a long path from a feminist boy to a cuck.

Self-Hate is required to watch your masculine girl suck off another man who is much more masculine than your girl.

6. They Hate Men That Are Masculine
Here is a list of things that cucks hate: Pride, Strength, Independence, Self-Respect, Open-Mindedness, Nationalists, The Alt-Right, Patriots, Sports, Muscles, Testosterone, Police, Trump, Hitler, Dominance, and many other things which are or were very masculine.

But what they hate most of all is themselves. Not being able to form their own opinion based on their experience and knowledge, unable to live independently and strong, unable to dominate or succeed in anything surely sucks.

7. They Support the Antifa and Left-Wing
The Antifa is racist against white people. How is it racist against white people?

They support other people more than their own people, they welcome criminal immigrants and refugees and tell other white men and women to adjust themselves to the cultures of the immigrants and refugees.

They are also less preferred in jobs because they simply cost more and because of the man-hating feminists and manginas in human resources.

White people are the new black people, and men who do not realize this are either stupid or they are too scared to do something about it.

8. They Have No Job
Because of their lack of self-respect and dominance they are unable to get a job.

A lazy man that does not want to improve himself because that would require discipline and dominance.

Why should anyone hire a lazy man that hates himself that will miss or quit after some weeks because he suffers from depression?

Nobody will like them and they will be replaced.

If you suffer from depression and show signs of the cuckold then you need to take care of yourself first before you apply for a job.

Understand: Yes, It is a shame to be a cuckold, Yes it sucks to have depression – But you can change that. You were not born a depressed cuckold and you will not die one (hopefully).

9. They Hate Trump
If you see boys writing something bad about Trump that is not based on real evidence then you can be sure that these boys hate themselves.

Trump is the most masculine president the world has seen in a long time next to Putin.

Finally, the Americans have someone that is not walking on eggshells to help his own people first.

Hating your own president that helps you first instead of the refugees or immigrants is a good sign of a cuck.

Stop hating your president like you hate yourself, instead show some gratitude that he is improving your country and that he is going through all the hate and murder threats for you!

The Cuck

10. They Hate Racists
White men are racists and they must be regulated“. These people are actually the kind of people that they hate, they are straight up racists.

Why in the hell should you hate the white man nowadays? We are currently the most tolerant race on the planet.

The Asian people reject Muslims at their borders and black people are simply the most violent people next to the Arabs (who publically admit that they are abusing their women).

Just check out the crime statistics by race and you will see that the white man is actually the most tolerant race nowadays (due to brainwashing and feminization).

11. They Have No Real Opinion Despite the Currently Trendy Opinion
If everyone in the world tomorrow would say that dogs are evil then everyone would say that dogs are evil.

Making a foreign opinion your own is the way of the backstabber, because of their lack of courage, identity and independence they blend in to be accepted and liked.

They usually have no life experience, or they actually struggle in their life but they don’t dare to do something about it.

So they end up with masculine women because they can not do better and the Cuckening begins…

12. They Have Never Hit a Woman in Their Entire Life
You never hit a woman, not even when she hits you first” A lot of men are tired of this myself included.

But I have freed myself of this social limit and found that I get rewarded for it.

Women are eviler than men are and in fact, men are the romantic gender nowadays.

They will steal from you, they initiate 75% of all divorces, and they are the masters of manipulation.

They also have lost lots of respect for men due to the cuck beta male epidemic and they started to hit men much more.

Will you let yourself get hit without hitting back? If your answer is yes then imagine another fist in your face right now because you just allowed the other person to get away with it.

13. They Are Usually Very Fat or Skinny
A fat or a skinny boy is a good indication of a lack of self-respect and determination.

If you value yourself and want to be the best version of yourself then you hit the gym, whatever other people think.

I have never watched cuckold porn, but I am almost certain that the percentage of muscular cuckolds in porn is very low or nonexistent.

14. They Watch Cuckold or Sissy Porn
There are some forms of porn which are made for effeminate males.

Cuckold Porn which shows a woman having sex while her husband/boyfriend watches it.

Sissy porn which is actually a woman humiliating a man.

If you like that stuff then that is a real problem.

Liking that is a clear indication that you seriously hate yourself.

The Evolution of Men to cuck

15. They Don’t Stand Behind What They Say
If you ever see a meek man having an opinion then I can tell you with absolute certainty that they usually don’t stand behind it because they lack the toughness to do so.

I think that Muslims don’t integrate and I dislike that” But they still vote for leftist parties.

Timid and slim like a fox they will just flow like water to avoid problems.

But that is the actual problem, the more you avoid violence, the more it will find it’s way to you.

16. They Can Not Take the Lead
Cuckolds are submissive boys that are unable to lead. They will always take the popular opinion, sit in the back of a class, come to the rescue of a woman and they will usually not take any risks.

Ignorance, dependence, validation and a lack of courage are the reasons men follow. 

Leaders have followed other men too, but they did so to learn from them and to lead later.

But that is actually not the kind of leading what I mean.

I mean leading your own life bold and valorous.

17. Passive Aggressive
Due to their meek character, they have become masters of manipulation.
The only way to handle these people is to assert yourself and to call them out or to avoid them like the plague.

In my gym, I have a woman that does this all the time. Every time I assert myself in some way she says my name like I am a little boy that needs to be scolded.

I straight up tell her to “shut your mouth and don’t piss me off”.

Then she blabbers something stupid, I just flip her the finger and start lifting weights.

I know what you think right now, but I don’t care, it is my life and people that cross my boundaries will get to know me better. 

They should adopt that attitude but don’t be too sensitive about it either.

Meek boys can not do that tho, and because of that they will forever be taken advantage of, that is simply human nature.

They will squeeze out what they can from cucks because they can, and trust me they will.

Especially women will do that, why do you think they cheat so much? Because they can.

Morale is something people use to fortify their social standing – that is its only value.

Manipulation is considered evil, yet most people acquired a ton of riches with it when used in the right way.

But you can not manipulate yourself to the top without strength in some way (if you are a man).

Sure there are cuck politicians, but trust me, they sucked a lot of dicks to get there (metaphorically and literally).

18. They Think They Are Rebels
Cucks think they are rebels when they take the popular opinion and wear the newest fashion.

A rebel is someone that is against some kind of system, punks and leftists think they are rebels but they are actually the puppets of the master of puppets (the globalists).

Being that ignorant of knowledge makes them a target.

I don’t know if being that stupid actually hurts because you don’t realize or feel what actually happens.

But I am sure that it is easy to manipulate such a boy into becoming a cuckold.

Cucks are self-hating men that virtue signal and actually make this world a worse place through their love and piece warcries.

My prediction is that the West will fall to the Muslims like Rome fell to the barbarians.

Men became soft and they are so caught up in their life that they didn’t realize what is happening around them, unable to see the bigger picture.

But this “war” will end without a war because the Muslims will just outbreed us and cuck politicians enable them to come into our country without restrictions.

The Quran is the book ISIS reads and every Muslim reads this same book because there is no Quran 2.0. And I don’t need to point out the violence Muslims commit on a daily basis.

Check police websites, crime rates by race and Google.

The west will be lost to the Muslims should masculine men fail to defend it. The people responsible for this are the cuckolds wanting attention from people to get power.

They allow shit like feminism, open borders, and mass immigration.

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.



  1. TheEnd 16/09/2017 at 12:15 - Reply

    Reading this I almost grew a vagina for fucks sake. It’s unbelieveable what has happened to this world in just the past 50-60 years, absolutely mind-blowing. Men get cucked and transgender, women become the harpies that they truly are with no restrictions and those at top laugh their asses off for now until they lose control too.

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