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Emasculation of Men

The Emasculation of Men Slave Mindset and How to Become a Free Man!
There is a war against men going on and there is no doubt about it. The point is clear since the Day men are born we get told how to serve and be obedient to women and the state. Obviously, I am a victim of it as well. How you might ask? Well, we get poisoned by our food which are stuffed to no end with soy, we get intoxicated with endocrine disruptors which are also in almost all products from plastic to children’s toys no matter what you touch it’s bad for you.

We get brainwashed since the day of birth whether that’s by single moms or women in kindergarten and schools, they put us on drugs to shut up and sit still, they poison our minds with leftist ideology doctrines and critical thinking isn’t allowed.

They make you dependent on a job so you can slave away for the rest of your life while it all gets documented how many hours you spend in front of your desk, if you aren’t getting sick of this already then I nor any other man can’t help you but if you want to change this and not be a part of that then there are some essential things you have to get in order to make that happen.

But I am getting ahead of myself; let me show you precisely what is going on here and how this happened.

Surrounded By Women The Day We Are Born
It begins the day you are born. You are carried in the womb of a woman, you’re able to see the world because of a woman, you’re nurtured at the breasts of a woman, you’re disciplined by the hands of a woman, and you’re loved and comforted by a woman.

As a man, we get this hammered down into our heads that there is something “special” about a woman. She is different than he is, almost godlike.

In general, a mother is loving, caring, and nurturing and in some men, this revelation only gets stronger the older he gets. He realizes that being under the loving authority of a woman is what gives his life a peaceful and meaningful existence so he tries to please them whenever he can neglect his own wishes and desire, in red pill terms we call those dudes BETA and the DISEASE, ONEITIS. This phenomenon can be described as the “Male Mother Need” some MGTOW’s such as Stardusk covered this topic explicitly.

Now more than ever we have generations of men raised by single moms because of failed relationships and marriages.

Divorce Rates Female & Male Headed Families
So you grow up with a Single mom as a little boy and what’s obviously lacking? A man, a father, a role model. A woman obviously can’t teach you anything about manhood for obvious reasons so what does she do? She tries to raise you as a “nice” guy always be nice to women treat them like goddesses and princesses (TV shows emphasize that shit btw just look at Disney) and never be mean always be a good little boy. I guess you can see where this is going.

That’s not the only problem you’re not only getting brainwashed at home by your single mom, you also go to kindergarten which is – you guessed it, full of women who expect you to listen to their orders and if you don’t- you get scolded. After kindergarten, you’re heading to school and it’s the same brainwashing shit as before even worse if you are a white male.

Men make up just 15% of the primary school teacher workforce”

Only 15% are MEN! 15% that is insane so you are pleasing women everywhere since you were born, you are brainwashed to do so.

Again fathers are not there for their boys, many are being raised by single moms plus the surrounding of women all the time. And it goes on after you’re done with school Society trains young men to think they are “lucky” to get a girl, Complete bullshit, this makes men soft, servile, and it degrades their masculinity.

Lack of Role Models
This is pretty self-explanatory. Thanks to the lack of Men in education systems and at home boys nowadays barely have a person to look up to and to learn from anymore. One thing you can do is to look for mentors on the Internet, for men who have been through shit and men who can teach you how the world works.

If you are into history you can also search for role models such as Napoleon, Ghengis Kahn, Miyamoto Musashi, Sun Tzu, Von Clausewitz, Hannibal, Charlemagne, Alexander the great, or my recent additions, Pagan Gods, such as Odin/Wotan, Tyr, and Thor.

Study and read about them.

If you are into Norse Mythology, Great! Go and read the Havamal, read the Edda, read the tales and sagas from long ago and understand what they are telling you. Without MALE mentors, many men of this generation have felt adrift, unsure of how to deal with an indescribable but acute lack in their lives.

Testosterone Decrease
There is an absolute epidemic of low testosterone among young men.

Heck, a recent study even showed and said that SPERMCOUNT is DECREASING DRAMATICALLY IN WESTERN MEN!!!!

Sperm Counts in Western Men May Have Decreased by 50 Percent Over 40 Years

It was common to say that you don’t have to test your T levels until you are in your late 20s but that changed.

Even young men have a problem with low testosterone these days.

I looked up many studies for this post and found some that stated:

Testosterone levels in American men have been declining steadily over the past two decades, a new study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism concludes.

The reasons for this decline are unclear; the study suggests that neither aging nor changes in certain health factors, such as obesity or smoking, can completely explain the phenomenon.

Male serum testosterone levels appear to vary by generation, even after age is taken into account,” said Thomas G. Travison, Ph.D., of the New England Research Institutes (NERI).”

There is clearly something wrong and my assumption is that due to the increase of demoralizing and shaming of men as well as blue pill thinking, political correctness and feminist psychology the Testosterone levels of men started to decrease, plus the insane amount of soy in products, the endocrine disruptors that are in literally everything from plastic to your fucking bed sheets and clothes everything you touch messes with your hormones.

Frogs are turning gay and shrimp go on a suicide spree and you want to tell me there is nothing wrong? Fuck you!

What can you do about low T levels? Read the articles from P.D. Mangan! But in short, get your sleep fixed! Check your food and stop eating shitty soy and vegetable oils use lard and butter instead.WORKOUT! More on that later, take responsibility for yourself and go back to your role models see what they did, and follow them, do manly shit, destroy and create!

Society brainwashes you
The news, tv shows, school the list is endless. Everything and everyone wants you to serve and don’t become a free man, every single one of them. Movements like Feminism or shit like Political correctness exist to shame us and make us weak. But we are slowly fighting back since more men become aware of this problem but we still have a long way to go, to fully change and get past the B.S.  but the first step is to realize in what world we are living in. Since it’s not always easy to stay objective and find your way through all the confusion they throw at us.

Remember that guy who got shamed and humiliated because he wore a “sexist” shirt? That guy landed a satellite on a moving comet but because of our enslaved society and Political correctness his achievement was “nothing”. He got shit on and his great accomplishment went to shit and because he didn’t know how to live as a free man he backed down instead of taking the fight.

That guy did something amazing, and just reading about this again makes me angry. It was all over the news. He achieved something for mankind, he worked hard as hell to get such a result. Then he wore some “sexist” shirt and gets smashed to pieces, welcome to our Society!

Women Are the Boss at Home
Women are the main decision makers within marriages they are in charge of the checkbooks and the bank accounts. Thanks to our Women focused society they are becoming the main moneymakers in many families, and even in families where the man has a higher income, it’s his wife who makes the financial decision. Not always but more often!

Now let’s talk about how the “average” woman treats a man. She finds some guy “the one” who meets all her impossible and outrageous standards and who would do anything for her. And rather than do whatever it takes to help him in his endeavors and support him to live the life of his dreams, she does whatever it takes to enslave him and make him submit to her.

She thinks about what she wants in the relationship which usually consists of children and keeping up with the Joneses and thus begins the process of demanding a lot of shit from you and since you’ve been conditioned to be a good lil boy you’ll do it.

This has to stop guys and I am not saying don’t buy your wife or girlfriend stuff but if she starts demanding something all the time and neglects what you want then fuck off and move on. If you want to ride a motorcycle and she says no then ignore what she says and buy your damn motorcycle you are a FREE man and it’s your choice, not hers!

Women are Equipped for Mental Warfare
And evolution might explain that. We as men force our will on others by strength and power for decades we did this through the sheer amount of strength and since we are superior in strength, women had to figure out ways to meet their goals so how did they do that? Through mindset and mind games lying and tricking people. persuading men to meet their goals.

Women are superior in terms of psychological warfare they have more endurance (mentally) and willpower that’s why they are winning.

Women also believe they are superior to you. How do I know that? The choices they make proof that.

Let’s look at the traditional marriage between a man and a woman. If she found herself a man of high value what do you think she’s going to do? 

1: She won’t interfere with his business and let him do what he did to become that successful or

2:  She tries everything to rule his life and make him submit to her and her bullshit demands and wishes.

If you said 2 then you are damn right!

Men who earn 100% of the family income lost their freedom to make investment decisions. They always have to ask their wives before they buy something.

Most men don’t even get to touch their paychecks. All the finances are handled by the “true” head of the household – women.

As I mentioned before women truly believe they are superior to men.

Otherwise, they’d stop talking and lecturing us about areas they don’t know jack shit about. I laugh at women being the weaker sex.

Women actively engage in long-term psychological and emotional warfare because they have the necessary tools for it. They’ll start fights with you and they will outlast you. They will promise you anything and everything to get what they want. Again that goes back to evolution.

There is not a single woman alive in the Western world who really needs a man in terms of survival. Because today she is protected by a women supporting welfare state and a women supporting legal system that guarantees that she will never go hungry or spend one night on the street.

Anything a woman needs for survival or pleasure she’ll get without having to put forth commitment, sacrifice, or work ethic. A woman can do anything and she will always have food and shelter provided by the state that you ironically pay for if you are still part of the system.

Understanding Male Slave Mentality and How to Break Free From it
We already covered that as a man you have been taught to serve women, and as a woman, she has been taught that you exist to serve her. When you operate from that mindset (the slave mindset), it’s natural to submit to the master the woman.

You must be clear about your goals and what you want from life don’t compromise for anything less, or else you’re done.

Free and clear your mind from decades of social conditioning about a man’s role, and manning up!

Following are notes that I took from a good friend and mentor of mine years ago:

Men are getting raised to serve and taught to live like a slave life. The last thing anyone in this society wants is for you to be free …
They need men to be beasts of burden, useful utilities, cannon fodder … Studs to breed the next generation of serfs for the State …
A free man is a danger to all their carefully laid out plans … He must be caged, re-educated, or eliminated …
For if one is free, he will inspire many to strive for their own liberation …”

Never expect women to be fair they will go out of their ways every time to get what they want it’s just a fact and even more so in this day and age.

As a man, you have to know your place in this toxic society and that place is the place of a slave and well below women. As a slave, you are always ready to be used whenever the state or a woman needs something from you. Because of everything I said so far i.e. Social Conditioning, lack of role models and so on it is incredibly hard to become and live as a free man, living on your own terms and not caring what others think about you.

Out of a slave mentality, men ask: What can I do to make a woman want me? It never comes to mind that the question is wrong. The whole way of thinking like that is wrong. Because they are slaves they never learned to be satisfied with one simple question: Do I want to have this?

You must focus on YOU! Become free you are the number 1 priority at all times everything else comes in at second place. Become a man of high-value with an abundance mindset and by abundance I don’t mean abundance of women but an abundance of LIFE endless money resources being free to go where ever you please having a healthy body and mind. All of that contradicts itself with societies values if you want to break free you are viewed as selfish nobody wants you to let you live your life.

Another excerpt from my mentor:

A man is taught to judge his masculinity based on whether he has a girl or not …
He’s not a ” real man ” unless he has a girl.
This emasculates anyone who is poor, physically not up to the standards arbitrarily designed to weed out anyone but the jocks … or is socially awkward… At a time when young men are the most unsure of themselves…
The mental scars of this harsh scrutiny can last a lifetime …
The bitterness this engenders in a man can color every relationship he enters into during his whole life.
Many men carry the mark of being “unworthy ” or undesirable all the way to his grave …
He will jump at the chance to be with any woman who shows him the slightest interest …
and will let her walk all over him, for fear of losing her …
When she does leave him, usually for someone “better”…his whole world ends …
That’s how men end up eating a bullet …
We must teach our boys not to blindly accept the brutal judgments of others…
Especially entitled, silly, ignorant teenaged girls …”

So how we can rid ourselves of this slave mindset?
It’s a tough road to become a free man don’t expect anyone to help you. You constantly have to work on yourself you must be able to dominate and control your emotions your thoughts, everything. You have to become your own master you must be in control, you must be the decision maker and you have to live life for yourself and nobody else.

Self-improvement is key for every man to transform and become a free man, a man of choice! Self-Improvement is necessary to maximize your value, generate enough resources to live comfortably and to gain enough knowledge and experience to live a great life with a clear mind free of social conditioning and brainwashing.

Physical improvement
This is very important yet many are not doing it! Improving your Body increases your overall health, it also helps to develop self-discipline, hard work ethic, and it increases your confidence, which helps to you attain bigger goals.

Always be aware of the Body/Mind connection if you have a shit body your mind will be shit as well. You’ve got to work on both ends to maintain a good balance!

Take responsibility
You and I are not victims. While we have been born in a time that is quite anti-male oriented, we’re still able to change and better our lives.

The “limitations” you put on yourself are coming from your mind. Men never had it easy. So stop the bitching and take some action.

Start your own Business
Society is structured in a such a way that you’re stuck in a 9-5 punching the clock every day after you’ve put in the shift in your shit office, your mind and body are too tired to work on your own business, and that is how it stops you from developing your potential.

You absolutely must figure out how you can work for yourself first in order to become free and to rid yourself of social conditioning.

Male ONLY spaces
Women invade all spaces that were traditionally male, now I am not saying all women fuck off and go and build your own shit but well… if you want to participate in our stuff then don’t cry about being offended, hurt, triggered or any other kind of bullshit, thanks!

It only needs a single woman in a male space, and men have to speak and act as a filter to not offend her.

Again I think men and women should be able to mingle in some spaces, but there must be spaces exclusively for men!

Knowing how society views you can free yourself from its attachment’s.

That’s how society views you:

  • You are a mule
  • a slave
  • a potential rapist
  • a woman oppressor
  • you’re an ATM
  • if you disagree with women you’re harassing them
  • asking for evidence in a false rape case makes you a rape apologist
  • you have too much privilege, especially if you are white
  • you would commit rape under the right circumstances
  • if you are 30 and single you are selfish and a weirdo you should spend your wealth on a woman
  • you are a misogynist, and a sexist as well of course
  • if you are a single dad  you should not exist because you are not suited to raise a child
  • you can’t be a victim of domestic violence and sexism
  • if you defend yourself against a women the self-defense rules do magically not apply

You get the point and you know the truth. You might feel bitter or angry and that’s okay it’s a tough realization but it’s necessary to become a free man.

Just remember don’t let other people tell you how to live your life because everything they say comes from their own enslaved mind.

You don’t have to live for women, family, society or anyone else and you don’t have to feel guilt or shame for how you live your life.

The time is now!

Are you going to live like a slave, or will you break free and live like a free man?





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  2. Peter 09/09/2017 at 10:40 - Reply

    Great article Timo. I thought Philip was writing it until I seen the ending. Freedom is vital in this suffocating world. When we have the freedom to choose without the burden of any overarching leech, the choice will be clear.

  3. J. 08/09/2017 at 14:18 - Reply

    Fantastic read but man the picture gave me freakin goosebumps, it’s utterly disgusting what they are doing to men and most don’t even see it and keep eating their soyflakes every morning for breakfast… fools. It’s just like you say in the comment to Sam. Men need to start coming together fight and protect themselves against this shit. Again great read, enjoyed it!

    • Manosphorium 09/09/2017 at 12:54 - Reply

      Thank you J. Buy cornflakes, they don’t contain Soy. For that reason I call them “Broflakes”.

  4. John King the One 03/09/2017 at 18:13 - Reply

    Great Article! We gotta be careful not to get depressed in the current reality that we find ourselves in, this anti-men faggot society is really pissing me off!

    • Manosphorium 04/09/2017 at 13:52 - Reply

      Use that rage to build new things and to destroy your enemies.

  5. Sam 02/09/2017 at 14:54 - Reply

    I laughed so hard after “frogs turning gay” but it sounds logical! I have no more interest in women at all! MGTOW is the only way to live a good life nowadays!

    • Manosphorium 04/09/2017 at 13:55 - Reply

      Just get the money & start a gang of men. Women will follow a man on a mission.

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