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Feminism Causes Depression and Increases the Suicide Rate
I am not gonna copy paste that Wikipedia shit here because a lot of that is biased crap written by social justice warrior beta males who hate themselves. I am going to tell you what feminism really is without any bias, straight facts nigger.

Feminism = More rights for women. It started with the suffrage. Now you have women with superior rights because our society somehow still thinks that women have fewer rights than men and that they need to be supported by everyone.

First of all, try to tell me which rights women don’t have that men have?

1. Women Have the Right to Genital Integrity.
That means women have the right to keep their vaginas in tact while men can have their dicks circumcised without them wanting that. Fucked up.

2. Women have the right to vote without agreeing to die
In the US you agree to die for your country when you vote. That only counts for men! No responsibility for women, I hope they change that, women would more careful then and don’t vote for a bitch that killed millions of people (Killery Killton).

3. Women Have the Right to Choose Parenthood
That means if they get a child and they don’t want that, then they can reject to take care of that.
That means you will have to pay for it, even when it is not your child! Pretty fucked up if you ask me. And this is what they call “equality”.

4. Women Have the Right to be assumed Caregivers for Children
Doesn’t matter if they are crack friends who suck 50 cocks per day for 1$ to buy their next rock. Who made this law legal? I mean how fucking retarded is that? Have a clean working man and a drug fiend woman in court and she will still get the child. Now tell me how men are not just pieces of shit in the eyes of the law.

5. Women Have the Right to Call Unwanted, Coerced Sex Rape
Aka if she doesn’t like it afterwards she can call it rape. Ridiculous. Having sex in the west is dangerous. Rather buy a robot sex doll who cooks the food, cleans the house and gives you sex. I mean that is not much but both of us are happy like that.

She doesn’t even need to work! Women could live the same way and spend more time with their family & friends but no, they need to be one of the guys with power and strength.

6. Women Get Almost Always Half the Sentence a Man Gets for the Same Crime.
“We are all equal in front of the law” Suck my dick lady justice. Nobody can be discriminated for his gender, race or religion. But men are discriminated because we get much harsher sentences for the same crime.

HOW IS THIS EQUALITY? If you don’t see how fucked up feminism is and how it fucked everything up even further then I suggest you stop reading this page because you are literally unable to see the truth. Go back to your twitter safe space and post gay porn on hashtag #masculinity you fucking soy boy.

7. Women Get Jobs Just to Fulfill the Female Quota.
Thank you HR. Now companies need to keep a rate of females and immigrants, otherwise, they will get into trouble with the law. The niggerbitch with no education will like her new job at google without knowing what she signed up for.

Did Women Ever Need Feminism?
Feminism has failed the family unit and it wasn’t ever needed. Think about it, for millions of years women and men got along. Now feminism happens and everything goes down the fucking drain because some bratty masculine bitches wanted to vote.

We never had this problem so what happened that women suddenly have the right to vote? Prepared for the answer? Beta men.
They probably said “yeah if we allow women to vote we will get vagina in exchange” or “we are great men we help the weak and fight for equality”.

I don’t know how allowing women who have no fucking clue about politics, who never fought in wars or even 1vs1 fights should be a good idea.

There is a saying in Germany: If you have no fucking clue, shut your fucking mouth. Germans broke that themselves with allowing women to vote. Women fucked everything up because most men are dependent on vagina so they allowed those vaginas to vote because they thought like that they get vagina.

This is the reason why I say that neediness and the thirst of the man is the enemy of society and 100% the reason why Rome fell. I started to believe that women are truly superior, not in physical strength but in intellect.

They know how to manipulate + they don’t depend on sex for happiness. They literally control men just by having vaginas (some don’t even know that lol), it’s pathetic and most men are still primates working on factory settings.

It’s sad, we need masculine men again to change this shit. The more clients I have the more I can fix this problem.

Women Have Become Disgusting
Now you have a divorce rate of fucking 50% initiated 75% by masculine women who could also be just men and some are even better at being men than men themselves are.

The family unit is destroyed, tell me how many failed relationships and divorces you have seen in your life. Everyone has experienced and seen that. Women now have a cock buffet of 100 dicks per month, they talk like men, and it’s even cool to be “one of the boys”.

This song is absolutely hilarious but keep in mind that this has a large impact on women.

“My nipples hurt” or “I look so hot” or “Let’s upload bikini pictures on Instagram” they openly talk about their sex life in front of their boyfriend or husband and they even talk shit about him behind his back or right in front of him.

I have seen it enough and I feel ashamed when I hear it because these men are truly pathetic. I would not call them men but subhumans, how can you let someone else treat you like absolute shit just because society says it’s okay to treat men like shit?

Would you rather die standing or live in slavery? Even animals fight for their life. I don’t want to make this a rant but women have become absolutely undesirable, suddenly men becoming gay en mass is understandable.

It’s the Fault of the Beta Male
They give women everything they want because society says so and these men fail to see that society does not give the slightest damn about men. These men will be redpilled very hard, a slight punch is not enough to wake a person. Kicking their teeth out is required (metaphorically).

Women will cheat, humiliate them in public, divorce them, kill their children, make false rape accusations and more.

If you still don’t think that women are evil snakes then good luck mate, because you will need it when a BBC is in your girlfriend’s ass, mouth and vagina at the same time while being recorded and she tells you to shut the fuck up or she will beat you with her belt again.

It’s beta males like that who helped women to have the right to vote, they destroyed it all just because they thought they will get vagina with it. They depend on vagina, they don’t control themselves, vagina does.

Combine All That and the Depression Rates Rise
I mean our food is fucked up, men are slaves at work, we have fewer rights, the family unit is destroyed, women have become undesirable and men still wonder why they are depressed? Thinking that it’s a hormonal imbalance? LOL.

Even the health system abuses us, they give us useless SSRI’s that fuck with our brains and therapists with no fucking clue that denies reality who never had depression who are supported by the health system as legit helpers to deal with our depression abuse us.

It’s all fucked up and against men. If you end up in the health system you will never be cured. Trust me on that.

I have never seen one man cured through SSRI’s, therapy or other bunch of crap. They are all still whining about their lives which is understandable.
They feel hopeless because they don’t know any further and because society does not give a crap about them.

This is why most of my clients feel liberated when I tell them all this (even when all this is absolutely negative).

It’s because they finally know why they are so hopelessly depressed. They found me who understands why they feel depressed, they found someone who really helps them.

Feminism is one of the key factors why we see such a huge rise in the depression rate in the west. The sad thing is that most people voted for that and even are stupid enough to still support that.

I mean it’s really obvious nowadays that our system is completely against men. Some men are just too scared to realize this and act accordingly because it will mean to be ostracized because no one will agree with you.

I personally know nobody outside of the Internet that shares my views, I have stopped talking about it. But now we have to deal with it. The solution is to educate the masses (I do it through my blog) and to help men to develop their masculinity and deal with their depression (what I do with my coaching).

This is my patriotic way to make society a better place and to leave a mark on this world. 

Depression is just not a good way to live your life. I know what I am talking about because I had depression for 12 years till my ex-girlfriend from 2014 metaphorically kicked my teeth in and made me look for the truth on the Internet.

The RedPill is the truth, everyone who denies that has not seen the reality yet (beta mates, virgins, ugly men). I suggest that you all read “man up” by Charles Sledge.

This is just how it is, I can share the Redpill but it will be denied till people ask for it because they are at rock bottom. Otherwise, they will always deny it because I am such a Mysagonist, sexist, bigot, racist or whatever label they give me to shame me.

I don’t care what label people give me, fuck all of ya beta males and masculine women who will end up with cats and a beta male who does not fuck them properly.

This became quite the rant, well, whatever.

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.



  1. Steeveau 28/07/2017 at 00:58 - Reply

    I initially thought this article was going to be about how feminism makes WOMEN depressed (also true), but you really hit the nail on the head here about how it impacts men.

    The only medication depressed men need is the Red Pill.

    • Philip Braselmann 28/07/2017 at 03:09 - Reply

      It’s the best medication.

    • Toby Ripton 29/07/2017 at 06:27 - Reply

      Getting “out” there, whether taking up hobbies (which can take place indoors), and realizing there is more to life than getting an undeserving chick!

      Nobody seems to realize that inherent in the name FEMINI-ism, it’s a “movement” slanted to favor one gender…women! Of course, betas will think it’s about egalitarianism (hence you still have weak betas wanting 50/50 representation in companies, government, etc.).

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