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Why the Introvert Business Makes No Big Cash

Hello my friends, for everyone that does not know me. I am Philip Braselmann currently 26 years old and I am an Introvert. Before we start I need to clarify what “Introvert Business” is. Introvert Business = Introverts owning a business

In this article, I will explain all of you lonely introverted motherfuckers why we struggle to make serious cash and how we can fix this loner shit for once and for all.

1. Introverts Love to Work Alone

This is the most devastating reason why Introverts fail to make big cash. Yeah I know there are some introverts who made big cash but they are not loners. Elon Musk is super introverted but he does public speeches and works with other people.

I Bet Elon needs a day to replenish his batteries or he seriously got used to it. I start to think that Introverts can change by hanging out more with people that they like.

If you hang out with retards that you can not relate to of course you will lose energy. If you have nobody to talk to you will, of course, become introverted because you are simply smarter than “extroverts”.

I really start to think that there are no introverts and extroverts. Just people who are smarter with nobody to really talk to and people who are not that smart and hang out with more people.

Don’t get me wrong, of course, there are smart extroverts but introverts are smarter in average. Which makes this Introvert Business article questionable because if you are smart you can do this all by yourself right? WRONG.

Here is why you won’t succeed alone: You need people to work with on a daily basis, every business has their workers, lawyers, mentors, and friends. But that is not enough.

You need to be friends with other business owners and important people in your niche.

Donald Trump ate with important people almost every day and when Big D. wanted some help or favors he easily got them because he was cool with the big guys.

He networked like a boss. You will need incredible luck to scale your business by yourself without such people. How will you convince investors, lead a business and basically manage the people in your business (if you have some) if you don’t like to talk and form relationships with normal people?

You simply won’t make big cash if you work alone.

2. Introverts Struggle to Work Together With Other People

Introvert business is not a rarity online. There are millions of Introverts online and that is no wonder. What better place to hang out for introverts than online? Tons of people who are not good at socializing able to find tons of other people.

It reminds me of multiplayer video games where people struggle to speak who play meme videos over their mics or scream into their microphones like some maniacs because they have nothing else going on in their life getting super angry because they just lost a round in a game that just makes their life worse because apparently they are addicted to it.

It is no surprise that Introverts struggle to socialize. We just rarely socialize therefore we are bad at it.

The funny thing is that I am working in the “Manosphere” niche where everyone talks about masculinity, being tough as fuck and smart as fuck and yet a lot of those people struggle to talk on Skype or to commit something for 30 minutes on a daily basis to push the Introvert Business to the next level.

How can you be a man and not even be able to commit something for 30 minutes and yet talk about how smart and tough you are? These are usually Introvert cases with low testosterone. They are not only introverted, they are also afraid.

They usually have the excuse of staying anonymous but they are on social media own a website and have a smartphone and talk about staying anonymous, give me a motherfucking break nigger.

3. Introverts Lack Social Skills

It is easy to hurt Introverts because they are not used to male shit talking. It is essential to do that because it toughens men up, we haze each other to get stronger, to laugh and have a good time. Yes, men insult each other for fun.

Introverts will struggle to understand it, I had trouble understanding that for sure, but I got used to it, got stronger and sometimes I do too because it’s funny.

It’s called shit-testing. My nigger IllimitableMen has written a great post about it which you can read here.

It is basically testing your mental strength to see if you are tough enough to be part of the group. Nobody likes to walk on eggshells and men want to count on each other when the shit hits the fan. Women and men do this in a different way to see how strong you are.

You talk a lot of shit but get triggered at the smallest insult? They will avoid you.

It is no wonder Social justice warriors are all fat, skinny whiney babies, they were ostracized because they are weaklings those feelings have been hurt.

Back to the introvert business. Introverts need to force themselves to socialize, more about that in the solutions section.

4. They Seem Like Cowards

Socializing costs Introverts energy but that does not mean that they should avoid it. A call on Skype or meeting in a pub to play pool with your friends for a night is a big event for an introvert but it won’t kill you.

This is a big problem for an introvert business. You are not very good at socializing, establishing borders, saying what needs to be said and being dominant.

This is why they all think that you are a coward which you are not really, you are just seriously not good at socializing.

Psychiatries will label you an Autist but you are just not interested in the daily bullshit. You love to talk deeply about things that interest you. You don’t like small talk, you don’t like to talk about the weather, pussy or how drunk you got last weekend or what happened at work.

Your reputation as a business owner will suffer as an Introvert. And this is why an introvert business will not make big cash.

7 Ways to Fix That

Let’s talk about some motherfucking solutions. Here are 7 ways to fix that shit and become more comfortable as an Introvert in general and more successful at Introvert Business.

1. Force Yourself

Yeah, I know “That is bullshit and this does not work”. I understand you, but this is the simplest and free option. See yourself as a warrior that goes into battle. You need the willpower to do this. This is like going to the gym even tho you are absolutely demotivated.

It absolutely sucks but the good thing about is, once you visited that offline or online meeting you will recharge your batteries and feel much stronger afterwards. You suddenly have something to talk about and you networked with other people to grow your introvert business to finally start making some big cash.

And the more you do this the easier it gets. At least for it got easier, it can even reach the point where you are completely fine with it. Introverts will change in Prison, they have no other choice.

The more I think about Introvertism and Extrovertism the more I think about it as stupid labels for people who enjoy their lone time being less socially capable and for people who like to be social. Give everything a label to make it sound like an illness or to sound smart.

Anyway, forcing yourself can be absolutely worth it.

2. Find people that Have a Lot in Common with You

This is rarely possible in Introvert Business but there are some people who rather like to communicate over Skype or just outside in the park.

It is not always required to make a formal meeting depending on who that person is. But as I said this is very rare and requires that you know that business owner before.

3. Drink Alcohol

It is simply easier to communicate when your brain can’t think that much but don’t do it too much, remember that you are going to a business meeting.

Alcohol is also a good choice to socialize at the weekend with friends. Just do yourself a favor and don’t overdo it. Enjoy a liter of beer before you visit your friends or new people and from that point slow it down. Don’t get drunk that you seem like a guy that has no control.

We also don’t want you to get addicted, so be careful with the alcohol. If you know how much alcohol you need to loosen up without being perceived as drunk than you found a powerful way to have a good time as an introvert with other people outside of business.

4. Use Phenibut

Phenibut reduces social anxiety (which is a logical symptom of Introvertism) and makes you feel like you drank some alcohol when it is not alcohol. You will quickly develop tolerance to this stuff so don’t use it longer than 2 days in a row and give yourself a week to wash it out.

This stuff needs 4-6 hours on an empty stomach till you feel the effects of it so be careful with that stuff and wait the 6 hours before you start to drink any alcohol (if you planned that).

I use Phenibut every Sunday morning because it gets me into a good mood. Besides that, I use Phenibut when I meet new girls or new people. You can by the way order Phenibut on our website.

5. Get a Light workout in before.

Working out increases your testosterone and makes you feel better, but only do a light workout because otherwise you will be too exhausted to get something done on a business meeting online or offline.

Here is a good tip for all people which is not only good advice for an introvert business -> You will have more energy after a light workout, you will be less anxious and you will be seen as more social and dominant. This is perfect to do before you a record a youtube video.

6. Call Someone You Know

In the pickup scene, they call this the “golden call”. This is perfect to warm up socially before you talk to people you hardly know. Call your mother, your sister, your brother or whoever you want to talk to and know to warm up. It will be much easier to talk to another person afterwards.


Remember that socializing is good for your spirit and it helps you to keep your sanity. After socializing you will just need to refill your batteries but when that is done you will feel better than not talking to anybody for a long time. Maybe you even find more Introverts that are super interested in what you are doing and vice versa!

Use all those methods and you will easily the meeting your intellect, creativity, and you will even dominate it!

PS: If you are looking for a hustle group online that works every day to push and boost each other online then read this: You will need 15-60 minutes every day to help the members of the online hustlers group and you will get the same thing in return.

Like that your business will grow 3-10 times as fast because our members will boost your online business on a daily basis. If you like that idea and you are a reliable man or woman with a goal in mind that knows that good business relationships are the only way to succeed then just write a comment or send me a message. You find my social media pages to chat with me in the sidebar.

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