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Let’s Quickly Assess Your Masculinity Before We Start
1. Do you like to dominate women and basically rape them when they are your girlfriends?
2. Do you state clear boundaries & enforce appropriate consequences with women?
3. Are you regularly doing sports?
4. Were you raised by a masculine father and a feminine mother?
5. Do you vote for right wing parties?
6. Faggot. Are you triggered now?
7. Do you feel like you want to comment and write what a piece of shit I am?
8. Do you vote for left wing parties?
9. Are you a vegetarian?
10. Are you a male feminist?

If you answered more of the top 5 questions with yes, then I have good news, you are a more dominant man and not that nice as you possibly think.

If you answered more of the lower 5 question with yes, then you are a nice guy that is taken advantage of.

In both cases, you can always do better (a masculine man would have answered at least 4 of the upper questions with yes, and no to all of the lower 5 questions).

You guys know that I am helping men to deal with depression and to embrace their masculinity and lately I have been reading & researching a lot.

While doing so a man called Charles Sledge put me into a top 10 list with WallStreetPlayboys and Chateau Heartiste and many other known bloggers.

After seeing that I had to get to know more about him and found out that his website is a self-improvement blog with a very interesting book for you guys and me.

It is called “Man Up – How to be a Strong Man in a Weak World” and it has 42500 words, which I consider a normal book length. And to my surprise this book covers everything that I teach, If I would have written a “man up” book, this would be it.

Guess I don’t have to write a “man up” book anymore, this would be the book if I had written one today. I am gonna buy it again in paperback for my future son.

Nice Guys Finish Last
Charles Sledge got a website called “” where he posts self-improvement articles for men and publishes his e-books.

I can not tell you better what his website is about than Charles Sledge, for that reason, I have copy pasted the following words from his about page:

At this site, we are interested in building modern renaissance men. Men who have every area of their life covered. Money, Masculinity, Health, Survival, Mindset, Women.

His e-book “Man Up” is tailor-made for everyone that does not know what a real man is and wants to become one (aka to stop being a brainwashed nice guy!).

Perfect for people that never had a masculine father, perfect for any men that are brainwashed by society (male feminists, vegetarians, leftists, obedient wage slaves).

But it is also just perfect for any men that are looking for the missing keys, for example, a man knows some aspects of masculinity and works on them but still feels like something is missing, this book will provide him with the missing keys to his absolute potential.

Yeah I know, this is all pretty general, but that is just the nature of it, men are not simple (whatever the brainwashing media say).

If you are an obedient slave or brainwashed then you are really simple, a real man redefines himself every day.

Look, the benefits of becoming a masculine man are freedom, money, women and basically everything you want because you will not get those if you are a nice obedient boy!

You need to take them, you need to hustle towards them, you need to redefine yourself, you need to harden yourself and much much more to live a fulfilling life, and this book will be your go-to source when you are struggling in your life.

The struggle is normal for men, but there is nothing worse than not knowing what to do, many men nowadays just give up and take drugs because they can not cope with our unfair society.

They stay obedient slaves because they don’t know what to do, how to come out victorious. It will be your masculine father in dark times that tells you to fight, to break your chains, to face your enemy and not be afraid of death, to fuck this motherfucker up, to go all in.

People get everything for free nowadays and they feel entitled and they don’t value cheap things, to see the price for that ebook please visit this link -> it will direct you to the books sales page.

I have read this monograph in 2 hours because I could not stop reading it, everything that I teach was basically validated with this ebook and I enjoyed Charles Sledge politically incorrect style.

And for that reason, I am writing this article, because it will help any man with depression and any man that wants to get rid of his inner nice guy programming from society.

I am not exaggerating here, your beliefs will crumble after reading this book, you will feel your inner nice guy dying.

“Man Up” covers the following topics:
– How to embrace the dominant mindset.
– The only way to get respect.
– Why fighting is a necessary skill.
– Why competition isn’t optional.
– The importance of the will to fight.
– Why being unapologetic is a key trait of masculinity.
– Why there is no competition for masculine men.
– Why weak men hate and fear strong men.
– When being good is wrong.
– How to lay claim to the earth.
– How to be a modern warrior poet.
– How to embrace and grow your masculine power.
– 3 things real men never do.
– How to talk like a man.
– 3 areas you have to master.
– In what order to learn these skills for maximum effect.
– How to save Western civilization and the world.
– How to walk like a man.
– What the purpose of life is for a man.
– The link between Stoicism and masculinity.
– How to form an honor group.

After I read the description on its sales page I had to buy it and like I said, I have read the whole 42000 words in 2 hours.

After reading it I knew, this is the complete opposite of the nice guy that ends up in the friend zone, and I also knew, that this will help any man with depression.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the content inside of “Man Up” and what these topics are about.

Inside The Lyrical Man Cave
1. Introduction
The introduction explains why men nowadays are outrageously feminine. This is very useful because one has to identify the problem before one can fix it.

2. Embracing the “I am Dominant” Frame
It can be summed up in the following words: Don’t give a shit what others think, pierce into the reality of others instead of submitting into their, always maintain your frame (that means to not be emotionally reactional), and always practice that.

3. The Only Way to Get Respect
Respect means fear of the consequences “a man that is not dangerous, is not a man”. I totally resonate with this point because everyone picks on the weak, it’s a lack of fear. Cultivate a positive attitude towards violence because our peaceful world is coming to an end.

4. Fighting is a Necessary Skill
Here he writes that many people have been so sheltered that they have never come in contact with violence and that they will become victims in the future because of that. Everyone says violence is bad, till they have to deal with it.

5. Prey, Predators & Alpha Predators
He explains who the prey, the predators and the alpha predators of our society are and how you can become an alpha predator. The prey are women, elderly and children, the predators are bullies and criminals and lastly the alpha predators who are self-mastered men that encounter regular violence.

6. The World is Not Your Friend
The west once you to be an obedient man (a nice guy) that follows orders and pays taxes. If you are a masculine man you will become a target because you are the opposite of this slave system. Everyone is out here for themselves, kill or be killed.

7. Competition Isn’t Optional
Charles says that we are sheltered from the Darwinian system of survival but it still applies. If you, for example, get fat and lazy your girlfriend will leave you for someone who isn’t. You will have to leave your comfort zone regularly.

8. Dominance
A dominant man shapes his world and does need to be aggressive all the time to be seen as dominant, he can be quite silent (until you cross him). The aggressive part is rather seen as insecure as the person displaying it seems to try very hard.

9. Why Weakness Has No Part in a Man’s Life
Boys become men through struggle while girls just grow into women. Women can freely admit weakness and they will be loved and cared about for it. When you do it as a man you will soon find yourself avoided.

10. The Will to Fight
“Violence is never an option” can only be said by pussies who have been sheltered and protected their entire lives from reality” No wonder people in the west are so damn pussified, it does not surprise me that men in Germany become more masculine with the opening of its borders to hundred thousands of refugees.

11. Being Unapologetic: A Key Tenet of Masculinity
This chapter can be summed up in the following sentence: Don’t apologize for being a man, or do you hate who you are?

12. On the Appeal of the Outlaw
One of my favorite topics. It describes the outlaws of past times and why the outlaw is the perfect man. He is dangerous and people fear him (which is why everyone respects him). They as they want to do and you don’t like it they simply walk away because they don’t need anyone.

13. There is no Competition for Masculine Men
No male competition, but females will be able to defeat you due to white knights and feminists at the workplace, sad but true. But that is no reason to go as far as possible, “just” build your own business!

14. When Being Good Is Wrong
Natural masculinity in men is vilified while masculinity in women is promoted and praised. Aka you being an effeminate cuckold is considered good when it is essentially the worst thing you can be.

15. Claim Your Destiny
The Predator Sledge is describing the anti-feminist movements like MGTOW and MRA in this chapter. He thinks that they are essentially good movements but they display men as powerless which they are actually not and I share this view. I am a MGTOW myself, that does not mean that I let society decide my fate.

16. Lay Claim to Earth
Go after what you want without holding back. Effeminate males will hate you for it and say “toxic masculinity” while it is in essence jealousy that they can not do it themselves. “Entire political movements can be explained by this mental defect” (for example feminism which is just ugly women being jealous of beautiful women which are getting all the men).

17. Why Weak Men Hate & Fear Strong Men
They hate strong men because they are strong (it is pure jealousy). They will use manipulation to get what they want or nothing. But a strong man should not be a fool either. The Modern Apex Predator has high testosterone levels and a high IQ too.

18. How to be a Modern Warrior Poet
The Modern Apex Predator has high testosterone levels and a high IQ, you are only half a man if you lack one of those. He elaborates the importance of martial arts and reading on this topic.

19. Without Freedom, We Have Nothing
He elaborates the importance of freedom and how essential it is and I have to fully agree with that. You get to know something else tho, it’s called depression. People that work 9-5 know what I am talking about.

20. Never Tolerate Disrespect
He explains that you should never take disrespect but don’t overreact either. I like how gives explanations for that for the viewer to see some examples, for example, “it may be a passing remark, it may not be respecting your time, it may be trying to make you a fool in front of others”

21. Honor your name
One of my favorite topics as he explains that when you don’t respect yourself you are basically putting shit on your families name. But that is not everything, he also recommends to get to know your heritage whatever it may be, to understand the history of your people.

22. Masculine Power
Charles describes that we are as strong as our ancestors, think about it, only the strong were able to reproduce and you are alive, right? Let that sink in. You can be as strong as they were if you dare.

23. The Foundation of Masculinity
A masculine does what he wants to do when he wants to do it. You will lose your freedom and losing that means suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. He says that most men are slaves and that money plays a huge role for us as it can literally buy freedom.

24. Things Real Men Never Do
Something the MGTOW community could learn a lot from: Never whine or complain (I sometimes fail with that too), no excuses and never be indecisive.

25. The Destructive Power Of Numbness
Here he names some of the famous vices which lead to male destruction. I don’t agree with the porn one tho, it zaps energy, yes, but it is better than focusing on women being unable to concentrate, money is the first priority, learning to fight the second and women the last. With other words, you will have more important things to do than chasing tail. Typical vices: Drugs, Video Games, Porn.

26. How to Talk Like a Man
This is a very actionable topic (and I love actionable advice), he says to always talk loud enough and not like a meeky mouse. Charles also says to talk slowly and not be afraid if someone interrupts you.

27. Areas You Must be Proficient in to Call Yourself a Man.
He describes his hate for the mainstream media, which is complaining (rule 24 my friend), but I think it’s very hard to stop it completely. The priorities are first the business, secondly seduction and thirdly to learn survival which I disagree with. First the money and staying fit, and later women. Women are a huge distraction to your progress.

28. The Right Order to Learn These Skills for Maximum Effect.
Here he clearly writes that Money comes first, then women and then combat and if you have the wrong mindset you will fail with everything because the mindset is the most important as it is the foundation of any success.

29. We Were Born to be Wild
Mr. Sledge points out that men were never meant to follow rules and that safety over freedom is an illusion. He writes: “Ask men who loyally worked for a company for thirty plus years only to be canned because they company needs to diversify the staff more”. You are never secure, less secure than ever before because of our technological advances.

30. We Are Called to be Leaders
The man itself writes that our society is falling apart because men allow it. I fully agree with that statement. He also writes that women can never be leaders as they were simply not created for that (look at female politicians and in your workplaces, and you will agree to that too).

31. How to Save Western Civilization & The World
Sledge just called George Soros the enemy of mankind. He says that masculine men would quickly deal with these “elites” and that strong men would never open the borders of their country, that is my opinion too.

32. It Sucks to Suck
“EMBRACE THE SUCK” is what I like to say. Charles says that there is nobody coming to save you and that you will go through most struggles by yourself because nobody cares about you. This will help you to become a stronger & more independent man that is capable of dealing with everything by himself. There is a lot of freedom for you if you are completely self-reliant.

33. The Top 10 Most Important Skills for a Man to Master
I am gonna spoil the complete chapter for you. He notes that these skills are not sorted and that you have to learn all of those. I agree with all of them, (I would put masculinity on the top).

1# Combat
2# Basic Survival
3# Masculinity
4# Mindset
5# Soft Skills
6# Copywriting Marketing
7# Health
8# Attraction
9# Language of Composition (Reading Writing and rhetoric.
10# Logic

34. How to Gain Power in 3 Key Areas of Your Life
Sales are important to give you power in business, masculinity gives you power with women, and combat gives you power in life. I agree with all of them, but the most important key is masculinity as balls and discipline get you far in everything.

35. It’s Your Duty to Become Powerful
“Strength is the only value” – Mr. Sledge explains that boys growing up are not told this enough because nobody will come to save yo. Be ready to strike them all down. And don’t trust weak people as weakness makes people untrustworthy. Aka weak men and women rely on manipulation to have their way.

36. What is the Purpose of Life For a Man
“We were created to constantly rise through conquering every challenge that life and our enemies would throw at us.” To most, this would sound corny or cheesy because they live in sheltered little bubbles. But for true men, this will resonate with something deep down in your spirit. Something primal, something noble, and something fierce. These are very epic words, I instantly understood what all my favorite scenes had in common.

37. How to Have Masculine Body Language
I think this was covered over a thousand times even in public but it’s still important and many people ignore it. Head up, chest out, shoulders back, don’t look down, no jerky movements and walk with pride.

38. No One Can go Through the Fire For You
He describes what events make men out of boys in the modern times which I really loved. Every man that went through it knows it’s transformational power.
Losing one through death, divorce, cheating and the list goes on.

39. How to Be a High-Value Man
Value your brothers, your flag, and your women. He highlights that high-value men excel in one thing in particular: Not giving up and pushing through discomfort. Become smarter, stronger and wiser.

40. The Only Two Things A Man Can Trust
Here he names what you can trust and what you can not trust. You must trust your own strength and you can trust your vetted honorable brothers and your dog… You should never trust weak males, the government, religion, or your family (vetted brothers are tested, friends or good brothers).

41. Stoicism & Masculinity
He thoroughly explains that stoicism does not mean to not feel anything and let everyone walk all over you. It means to stay strong whatever hopeless situation you may find yourself in.

42. How to Form an Honor Group
My favorite topic, here he explains how you can form a group of strong men. They must go through a trial period and you can not allow them to enter easily. What I liked most what I wished more groups would do is to not allow women to enter as they ruin honor very quickly.

43. The Original Sin
The first sin of men was to follow women. And I couldn’t agree more with Charles his statement. He explains that he could have conquered countries, made millions and rivaled the smartest minds and would still be a bitch because he is sensitive to female manipulation.

44. Take Pride in Yourself.
Sledgehammer explains that you must hold yourself to high regards. A man stands his ground and is firm in his belief. He puts women and men in their place and does not allow them to play with him. He explains that you are basically a kind and that the world must be yours.

45. Remember Who You Are
Sledge has a great comparison here, he explains how in the movie “the lion king” the ape leads the small lion Simba to his father (the current king) who he is and what will soon be his. It’s the same for men nowadays, the have forgotten who they really are and what potential they have.

How This Book Helps You to Man up
Summed up “Man up” by Charles Sledge will help you to kill your inner nice guy and tell you what you need to do to have more success with women, in business and in surviving in our world not only physically but also mentally.

PS: You can buy the book on From now on I will recommend this to everyone who struggles with his masculinity.

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.


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