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The Masculinity & Mindset of a Hustler Part 1 – What is a Hustler?
A Hustler is a person that is willing to sacrifice short-term happiness for long term happiness on a daily basis without exception.

People think of the hustler as someone who works 12 hours per day and that is correct. But after living this lifestyle for a while I found ways to hustle more efficiently while staying in a good mood.

Because honestly, hustling 12 hours every day including the weekend will even wear Donald Trump out. We all need to rest, but not in the usual way. Some people start hustling and at some point, it will become a habit and then they will feel like a failure if they don’t work hard.

A Look Into the Day of a Masculine Hustler
The Hustler wakes up at 05:00 and does 30 push-ups, squats and crunches to wake up. Afterwards, he swallows his Modafinil, drinks 500 ml of water and brushes teeth and jumps into business uniform.

My business uniform is comfortable clothing because I work from home, for you, it could be a suit, sports wear or whatever you need to wear. Afterwards, the hustler works on his highest priority task because everyone has the most willpower in the morning. This usually takes a couple of hours.

Then he immediately takes on his 2nd task (he didn’t eat so far because eating in the morning slows a person down). His focus is still sharp because the focus is always the strongest early in the day.

Afterwards, 4 hours are probably over and it will become quickly become difficult to focus and the hustler gets hungry. Now is the time to eat a meal with whole foods without soy and sugar to get more energy, the cooking itself will relax the hustler.

Eating some packaged food or not taking the time to eat peacefully is highly unproductive & unhealthy. But that is enough, the hustler now usually does tasks which relax him like cleaning his office or house.

Cleaning his car or getting his shoes shined. Now is also the perfect time to read the newspaper to get up to date. Being up to date is by the way really important because the hustler knows how to make money out of every trend.

Afterwards it is time for the second part of work of the day. In that part of the hustlers, day are tasks that don’t demand a lot of focus but are still somehow hard to do. This will probably take another 3 hours.

Then he will take a longer break and either go to the gym or do something that he likes to do which is also productive (reading a book, playing the guitar, writing e-mails, etc.)

Then he will start the last part of his working day which requires almost no focus but discipline. For example writing emails, checking social media, networking, writing the to do list for tomorrow, preparing the office or desktop.

And then it is time to prepare for the next day and go to sleep & repeat. That is the day of a hustler

System of a Masculine Hustler
The hustler has clear goals but goals are depressing. Why are goals depressing? Because the person will always feel bad till he reaches that goal.
A system is made out of many micro goals which will make you happy after you reach them at the end of the day (hopefully).

They also give the hustler more motivation because he knows exactly how much he can accomplish without burning out. That system is perfect for him and he loves it. After each day he writes into his journal (where his system is written) what he accomplished and he also writes in there what he has to do tomorrow besides finishing his system every day.

Prioritize or Die
Prioritizing the tasks is absolutely important for the hustler to succeed because without prioritizing his goals the hustler will have less willpower for the tasks that require the most focus.

Imagine that you do the easiest tasks in the morning like writing emails and cleaning the house and before you go to sleep you would have to translate a 5000-word document into your language.

Imagine that you still do it. It will not only be much more difficult because your ability to focus for that day will be almost gone and I guarantee headaches but it will also take much longer because said focus is almost gone.

This is why the hustler prioritizes and finishes the hardest tasks in the morning.

Grinding Effectively
To grind effectively and to accomplish his systems every day the hustler has to take breaks after every 4 hours and keep a journal.

A hustler needs to know how to optimize his system in the beginning because everyone tends to put too many tasks into their systems and they will burn out or simply not manage to finish the tasks for today because it is simply too much.

I have never seen a hustler putting too few tasks into their systems because hustlers are hustlers, not enough is bad.Take your time to journal aka to write the data into your systems.

For example: Wrote 3000 word article? Check.

You can then row many other tasks below that but you will have to optimize. You probably shit yourself when you see writing 3000 words per day. For some people that is normal as they optimized their systems. For some others, it is laughable for the same reason.

The key here is to not burn out and to be able to focus as much as possible. If you can manage 1000 words per day without wanting to kill somebody then you are doing it correctly. This is how the Hustler 2.0 hustles effectively.

What Does a Masculine Hustler Need?
A hustler needs confidence in his ability or otherwise, he will always doubt himself. Doubt is normal, but not believing in yourself is toxic for your work ethic.

Which brings me to a cool tip. You will build confidence and belief in yourself the more you work. They say to fake it till you make it. I say to become very skilled in your field because then you will naturally develop confidence because you know your shit. This will carry over to your everyday life.

Fuck faking it till making it, get the skills and get the self-belief and confidence!

The masculine hustler 2.0 does not only have a strong will & smarts. The masculine hustler is also in optimal health and he raises his testosterone through weight lifting.

Testosterone raises your energy & makes you even more hungry for success. Only losers say things like “toxic masculinity”. The masculine Hustler does not care about what is politically correct, he will do whatever it takes to win.

The masculine hustler 2.0 also has to know himself inside out to optimize his systems, health & relationships.

Relationships… Let’s Talk About the Masculine Hustler’s Enemies
Bad Habits. Watching TV, wasting time on Twitter, masturbation and all other short-term happiness inducing activities are bad habits as they will kill you in the long term.

Haters. If you give in to haters you will lose valuable time argumenting with people that want to destroy you. Instead, reframe that and see haters as feedback that you stand for something and that your work has an impact. Never block or mute them, they are legit feedback.

Blocking, muting and ignoring is for stupid people that offer no valid information or feedback.

I could show you a picture of the biggest time-leech of all time that controls around 95% of all men around the globe. That picture would show a pussy and an asshole of whatever size and color and boom -> 95% would masturbate, start to make pickup their priority instead of their mission or call their exes.

Don’t be controlled by vagina. There is a reason why criminals and mobsters say that love will get you killed.

But vagina is not everything that is toxic to the masculine hustler 2.0 – Toxic family members, friends or things that zap your focus are toxic too, get rid of all of them without mercy.

This is the first part of the Masculine Hustler 2.0. Check out part 2 for the mindset of a masculine hustler 2.0 that I know (Dylan Madden). You will also read more about routines & rules on that part!

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.



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    Couldn’t agree more with the last part of this article about pussy. Always remember this! “First immortality then the bitches!. TFS- Vegeta”

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    Phil, I really like everything that you publish on your blog! However, this article is missing a header and your Twitter link in your “About the Post Author” does not work anymore!

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