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Goldmund Unleashed

Goldmund Unleashed 5

Goldmund Unleashed Dating Coach
I am not a pickup artist. The laughable techniques those guys employ can turn you into something you are not. Sure, you might be able to memorize routines and use them to entertain some girls for a night…but thats all you’ll be…entertainment.

To maintain an average of sleeping with 50+ women per year, you have to be real. It requires being fully present, seizing the moment, and living outside the ego, but it’s as real as it gets.

Girls, especially high-quality ones, can sniff out sincerity like bloodhounds. I can say for certain, being able to observe a successful approach go down is the most effective way to improve your game. The way my coaching will work is that we will begin with a short email evaluation of your level of game/goals/desires/thoughts, and then plan a night to meet up. We will meet over drinks for a half an hour to see what our chemistry for winging is like. We’ll come up with a game plan and then go out to meet women.

I have been going out in Brooklyn for over 15 years and know where the girls are. The great thing about Brooklyn is that the ladies here really enjoy unique experiences. It’s why they come. I’ll open up girls and start the conversation rolling, and then you can either sit back and observe, or jump in and take over.

If you feel comfortable to open the girls on your own, I’ll do my best to be the best wingman you will ever have (every time I have coached someone, I have successfully managed to create a situation where my client was isolated with his girl and able to kiss/get a number/or bounce her to another place).

My entire goal of the night will be to get you interacting with girls, getting numbers, setting up dates and (hopefully, fingers crossed), getting laid. The cost for a 3.5 hour session will be $397, plus drinks for the night.

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Asshole Consulting Coaching Page

Asshole Consulting Self Improvement Coaching
Asshole Consulting is based on a very simple principle: Consultants will lie to you in order to spare your feelings, and in the process bilk you for as many unnecessary hours as possible. Assholes will just tell you the cold, blunt, truth because, frankly, they don’t give a shit about you. And 15 minutes of truth is infinitely more valuable than 40 hours of lies. And that’s how Asshole Consulting works.

Thankfully, I’m an asshole. I don’t care about your feelings.  I don’t care what you think about me.  And I make enough money doing other things I don’t need to worry about offending you or losing your business.  But that makes my advice not only better than most consultants’ and advisors’, but cheaper as well.

I bill out at $100 an hour, but I have yet to charge somebody over $55 because nobody’s problem has required that much work.  Usually, it is a simple question requiring my expertise or experience.  Perhaps it is something as simple as having another person’s opinion.  Whatever it is, for $20, $30, or $40 you can have that little tweak, adjustment or epiphany in life that explains everything and will likely save you thousands down the road.

A lot of my client’s problems can be solved by buying one of my books. It may be a cheaper option as the books are rather detailed and thorough.

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Mark Manson Overcome Anxiety

Mark Manson – Anti Anxiety Course
Stop Letting Your Fears Sabotage The Most Important Moments Of Your Life — Start Taking Control Now. When You Sign Up For The ‘Overcome Anxiety Course’ You Will Also Learn:

1. The root cause of our fears and anxieties and why it’s so hard for us to act despite them. (Hint: it has something to do with biology and reptiles.)

2. The most common “solution” for anxiety that DOESN’T work and why. (Hint: You’ve probably tried it before… and failed.)

3. Lies we tell ourselves whenever we’re afraid to do something — how to spot them and get rid of them.

4. The ONLY foolproof method to get you over your fears, backed by decades of psychological research (You’d likely pay a therapist thousands of dollars for this alone.)

5. The simple psychological trick to act despite your fear so you can tackle whatever is holding you back.

6. What the subtle difference between confidence and insecurity is and how to achieve it.

7. How myself and hundreds of other users also used these tools to conquer our fears and how you can learn from our experiences.

100% Money Back Guarantee: When you sign up for the blog subscription, you do so risk free. I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all sign ups for up to 60 days.

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AttractionJapan Coaching

AttractionJapan Date and Text Game Seminar
While the boot camp focuses on meeting women in all environments, the date and text game seminar takes over where the boot camp leaves off. You might find yourself staring at the LINE profile of a recently met cutie and wondering “Where do I go from here?” Including presentations, texting analysis, and real-time feedback and date practice, we bring both our extensive experience and the opinions and experience of actual Japanese women who will be there to give you real feedback on your impressions, fashion, and sub-communication. Learn what you never knew you were saying with your body and tone – straight from the mouth of popular Japanese women.

So you’ve met that girl and the interaction went tolerably well, and now you’re staring at her LINE profile apprehensively, wondering “What now?”

In a fast-paced dating environment like modern Tokyo, attractive women are bombarded with millions of propositions before they can even finish their morning coffee. By the end of the day, there’s barely a second to spare for that newly-acquired pile of crisp cream-and-eggshell business cards before shrugging and tossing them all in the trash. It’s not that credentials don’t matter – they do. But no matter who you are, you need to be able to cut through the noise and make sure that when she kicks her feet up at the end of the day, the thought of you takes her away from her worries and into her fantasy rather than back to the grey zone of predictable responses and one-note suitors she’s seeking to escape.

Cross-cultural relationships have always been tricky, but in the current age of dating apps and instant matches, it’s easy to think that more – or less – is being communicated than it really is. If you’ve ever found yourself wrapping up yet another date and wondering why it didn’t turn out the way you wanted (if you even had a clear plan in the first place!), we’re here to tell you that things are both more complicated and simpler than you might have imagined.

For this special event, there is NO FIXED PRICE – in other words, this event is functionally free to attend, although we ask you to contribute however much value you think you got from it, in accordance with your means. We work hard to make this as intense, relevant, and empirically field-tested as possible, but we’re less concerned with turning a profit than with providing tons of value and paying back to the foreign community in Japan.

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BlackDragon Coaching

BlackDragonBlog Coaching

BlackDragon Online Dating Coaching
Sometimes you have goals or problems in your relationship or dating life that need more than just something you can read from a book or a web site. There are times you need some real assistance. I’ve used coaches at various times throughout my life, and they were always a big help. 

I’ve been coaching and consulting for over 20 years.  Most of that has been in the business and financial areas, but since 2010 I have also coached men in lifestyle areas. I can assist you in the following areas:

Online dating. I am one of the few online dating experts that utilize a 100% focus on meeting women via online dating sites. This is different than other dating coaches who have a few online dating methods they only use to augment meeting women through other means. I have a specific online dating system that has worked repeatedly for thousands of men all over the world, and I can personally help you get results online.

Establishing or managing non-monogamous relationships. Creating or maintaining an open or poly relationship (or relationships!) is easier than most people believe. I can assist you in overcoming any problems you have in this area, or to help you set up new relationships. 

Younger women. If you’re well over 30 and need help with attracting or being in relationships with women much younger than you, I have a long track record of success in this area and I can help you get results fast.

Converting from monogamous marriages or relationships to open ones. This can be a tough process, but I’ve personally worked with many men who made this transition a successful one. (Please note that I do not offer martial counseling. In no way am I qualified/licensed to do this nor do I have any desire to help people in monogamous relationships. I am able to help you navigate through mono-to-open conversions, or in an already open relationship or marriage.)

I can work with you no matter where you live, anywhere in the world. The only requirements are that you have decent internet access and can speak functional English. I’m based in the United States, but I have worked with people all over the world in 17 different countries throughout my career.  

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