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Nofap and Depression
A lot of people on self-improvement websites talk about NoFap and I was curious what they mean when they write “NoFap” so I checked it out. It simply means to not masturbate. I started to read about the benefits of not jacking it and tried it out for a year. 

But first I want to talk about the NoFap community. I was actually shocked that they talk so much about god and being good people (most of them are brainwashed liberals with double standards). They say things like:

women are holy” – “I want to get women at all cost” – “I can only think about sex” – “It is so hard” – “So many emotions” – “I stopped objectifying women”

It is like NoFap makes emotional horny monkeys out of them. They think they have found the road to god and manhood. But that can not be farther from the truth.

I do not deny that NoFap has benefits, but it is simply retarded to not masturbate longer than a week.

Every time I said something contra NoFap or right-wing they warned me and I got banned later. And they also get offended pretty easily (and they claim that not jacking it will make you a man.)

I just got banned from because I said:  “NoFap won’t make your problems disappear, It is ridiculous to go longer than a week because the horniness will steal your ability to focus”

Women Become the #1 Priority
It is the downfall of a Man when he makes a woman his priority. You are always the #1, then comes your business, then your hobbies, then your family, friends, and then women. If your partner comes first you will betray your values and priorities.

What does a man become when a woman is first on his priority list? A slave or a pickup artist. They will do everything for them, we all know what most men are doing when they are horny and try to get girls, most of them will drop their dignity and pride to have sex.

Here are healthy priorities:

1. Care about yourself / Improve yourself

2. Care about your business

3. Have Hobbies

4. Family and friends

5. Women

Most of them are depressed and hope that NoFap will cure their depression, which brings me to the next point about the NoFap community.

Nofappers Have Deep Rooted Problems
It takes some balls to admit that your beliefs are wrong. Abstaining from porn, masturbation and orgasming is no solution for a man his problems and depression. The solution for these people is to build their masculinity.

How is not jacking it going to cure your depression? How will it take care of your problems?

And don’t tell me about that dopamine bullshit – we all have problems we have to address and fixing your dopamine should be the absolute last on your list – especially for depressed people. 

Having a purpose to wake up and not being a wage slave are solutions against your depression. Or going to the gym and fixing your diet to get back in shape again.

Or having fun and improving yourself are ways to get rid of depression – not jacking it won’t do anything for you – It will make it worse. 
They write like blind fanatics – like Hillary Clinton supporters – unable to think for themselves.

They Only Talk About the Pros
Say something against NoFap and you get banned. They actually demonize masturbation like it is the invention of Satan himself.

What they write is absolutely pathetic and you don’t want to be part of these people because they will brainwash you if you are not able to think for yourself.

I highly advise to not get involved with that community. Now I am going to talk about what happens when you stop masturbation.

You Lose the Ability to Focus
After 7 days I want to have sex so badly that I lose my ability to focus on anything else.

I eat a fuckton of meat and work out a lot. When I stop masturbating for a week I will sit on my chair like a little school boy waiting for lunch break… nervous and not paying attention.

Even when you have low testosterone you will want to have sex or masturbate after a week. It will be so severe that you can not concentrate on anything.

And it does not matter if your to-do list is 100 pages long. It is impossible to concentrate when you are really horny. This sex transmutation stuff is just a bunch of bullshit. 

Being horny and creating something without 100% focus… you better don’t build life support systems!

Go ahead, abstain for 90 days – You are no competition for someone with a clear set of priorities, values, and goals.

NoFap even shows this graph that tells you that science says your Testosterone peaks after 1 week and then goes back to normal…What does that mean? That means it is stupid to abstain longer than a week.

They call the benefits “Superpowers”

In the paragraph above I wrote about higher testosterone levels, which is your first real benefit. They also talk about increased confidence – which is the result of thinking less about non-sex related stuff (our second real benefit). 

But it works without not jacking too – make an experiment: If you have social anxiety, go out when you have to pee really hard. Your anxiety will be significantly lower because you won’t think about it that much.

NoFap is like that, a way to distract yourself from your problems.

These “Superpowers” are very real.  But they also come with disadvantages like loss of focus which is essential when you have to work and create things.

You can make not jacking it a boost when you stop for a week and not abstain longer. Don’t put yourself behind and abstain longer than that.

Final Words
NoFap is not the key to cure your depression -> Masculinity is.

PS: That’s it, buddy. Use NoFap to your advantage and you will feel amplified. Just don’t abstain longer than a week and you will do better than most people.

You can also stop watching porn – you will have more space on your hard drive and that is a good way to avoid viruses too.

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.



  1. Jay 07/09/2017 at 13:07 - Reply

    Great article! It’s time to give up porn for good while not falling into the cult like trap from those Nofappers. Take care.

  2. nattyjoe 14/12/2016 at 19:38 - Reply

    Good shit man,

    Did the ole’ no fap thing myself and your right, it does a great job of making sex your main focus.

    What is your thoughts on the whole increasing testosterone thing? In general I mean, not just abstinence, but diet, sleep ect..

    I dont believe in the whole ‘boost your testosterone by 100%’ shit which is becoming increasingly popular.


    • Philip Braselmann 15/12/2016 at 09:42 - Reply

      I don’t believe it either. My increased confidence came from my successes and the validation/jealousy that I got from it. My sex drive is still the same, my voice is still the same, I didn’t grow a bigger beard or any of these things.

  3. Abner Luis fernandes 05/10/2016 at 19:54 - Reply

    Wow,that was really helpfull thx a lot bro

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