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From Skinny to Buff in One Year

This is how I got buff in my first year (unaltered routine from 2015). I followed this routine every day. My goal was to weight 90KG with 8-10% body-fat (I almost reached that).

I created this workout routine myself and the diet is my own. Workout a fuckton, Eat a lot and be disciplined. This is how I got buff. What worked for me might not work for you as everybody is different. I am 99% sure tho that if you follow MY workout routine and MY diet without exception or going on a cake madness that you will also transform from skinny to buff

Also, I won’t explain how to use machines. Just set them up perfectly that you feel the target muscle and that is all you need to know on how to properly use machines.

Note: If you take a break of more than 1 week in 3 Months you won’t make gains. The biggest motherfuckers worked out without a real break in 10years! Below you see a comparison. On the left, you see myself before I touched weights. In the middle, you see me 1 year into lifting weights with a pump and flexing and on the right, you see me without flexing and pump looking the same with slightly more body fat.

A comparison: Below you see a comparison. On the left you see myself pre lifting weights. In the middle, you see me 1 year into lifting weights with a pump and flexing and on the right, you see me without flexing and pump looking the same with slightly more bodyfat.

Skinny to Buff Comparison 

Choosing the Best Gym

Choosing the best Gym is very important. It should be cheap for obvious reasons. It must be close to you because I want you to walk to your gym. If you can’t walk there then you have to drive and that is more expensive and makes you lazy and fat.

If you walk to it you will have a little warm up and burn some calories beforehand. Also, you see some people and breath fresh air which is good for your soul. Next thing to check out when you arrive at the gym is the equipment. Is it new or old? If it’s new then that’s a cool bonus. If not then it could be a sign that the owner is either hardcore “METAL IS METAL BRO” or does not care about his equipment.

Also, check the floor. IT MUST HAVE ABSORPTION! Otherwise, you can not let the weight fall and this is huge when you want to workout effectively. The owner will always complain and that pissed me off so fucking much in my old Gym.

Music and people ain’t that important. But if you find a gym that plays Rock/Metal and has buff dudes in it THEN STAY THERE. You will get buff there easier because it’s motivating.

If there are too many girls it will distract you and the owner has to make the gym female friendly which is bad for your testosterone aka trash pop music and useless cycling machines… that money could be spent on new machines or replacing broken ones.

So test out a few Gyms before you decide. If you see a gym like the one in the picture below I suggest that you run and post on Reddit to avoid it.

Skinny to Buff BAD GYM

Workout Equipment

The only workout equipment that you need is comfortable gloves. Gloves because after a certain period of time your hands will hurt  When you reach that point you will no longer be able to lift what you can actually lift. Your Gloves don’t need to be expensive. They should be comfortable and not tight. 

General Nutrition 

Shit that nigger said the “N” word. NUTRITION. As a former Skinny guy, I remember the days where I thought I eat much but ate like 6 Toasts and a big cup of cereals. Sometimes I managed to eat 2-3 Pizzas with some Meat rolls and Mustard.

Eat at least 4000 calories every day, hit the gym 4 times per week and do cardio 3 times per week.

Here is what I ate 2 years ago.

2,1KG Meat – 10$ (Per day)
2,0KG Rice – 5$ (Enough for a week)
1,0KG Veggies – 2$ (Per day)
Total: 89$ (per week)

Skinny to Buff tasty food
Nutrition Timing

This is essential because when you eat makes a huge difference in how you feel. I wake up at 05:00 in the morning so I eat at 08:00 because I am not hungry after I wake up and also you will get really tired when you eat after waking up resulting in not being productive.

I am really energized the first 3hours after waking up. Use that to your advantage. And when your stomach howls you can eat 700g of Meat, 100g of rice and Veggies.

The next timing is 1hour before a workout because then you will have extra power and it won’t slow you as much compared to after you woke up. The last timing is 2hours before sleep so make sure you finished your workout 2-3 hours before sleeping. That should be best anyway if you work in a fucking 9-5 Job or go to school.

Ragefeed Timings:
• 3 Hours after waking up
• 1 Hour Before workout
• 2-3 Hours before sleep

Workout Routine & Exercises 

It took me a bit longer than a year to be able to do the following plan. If you start with that your muscles will go sore pretty fast. You probably have to take rest days. But don’t lose motivation. If you start with this plan you will achieve my physique faster than I did.

You will workout calves and forearms three times a week because these muscles are hard to grow. This plan starts at Monday and ends on Friday. I workout between 16:00 and 18:00 CET. Exercise explanations follow after I presented you the complete workout routine. 

The benefits of bringing your workout routine plan to the gym:

  1. You see your progress
  2. You have to push yourself to beat your max
  3. You don’t forget how many reps or sets you have to do
  4. Faster progression
  5. Motivation

Download the printable workout routine -> (Workout Routines).

Skinny to Buff Workout Routine – Monday

Don’t ego lift benchpress. If you fuck up benchpress you will have a bad time. If it happens then roll the Barbell over your belly and stand up like you would deadlift and drop it. 

Skinny to Buff Monday

Skinny to Buff Workout Routine – Tuesday

Tuesday seems to be a short day but don’t be fooled. It is intense as fuck. Deadlifts and a lot of rowing make Arnold proud. It is recommended to start easy here because if you have a weak back it is easy to injure it & also you maybe won’t go sore. Don’t give up if you lose motivation. 

Skinny to Buff Tuesday

Skinny to Buff Workout Routine – Wednesday

I fucking hate leg day because you never show your legs. But still I do them and so will you. Imagine you get buff and look like a fucking ostrich. Girls don’t like that. And seriously it just looks retarded. You better get some Leg muscles growing.

Skinny to Buff Wednesday

Skinny to Buff Workout Routine – Thursday

Warm up your shoulders before you start this workout. Shoulders are the most injured muscle. Start with 2 sets of light-weight sitting shoulder presses to prevent injury. No calve or forearm training on Thursday. Don’t give up if you lose motivation. 

Skinny to Buff Thursday

Skinny to Buff Workout Routine – Friday

My second favorite day. Who does not like to work out his arms?

Skinny to Buff Friday
If you got used to this plan you should be able to get yourself a new workout routine online. It should be harder than my workout routine. I would include more abs training like 3 times a week. But that is your decision.

Exercise Explanations

The Bench Press

The Bench Press is the heaviest movement that you can do to kill your chest. If you put on too much weight and you can’t get it up anymore then roll it over your chest and abs and then stand up like you would deadlift and drop the barbell. This exercise is mainly for the chest. It also trains your Triceps and Shoulders.

Skinny to Buff Bench Press

This bro definitely lifts.

How to Bench Press

  1. When you grip your arms should form a right angle.
  2. Lift that motherfucker.
  3. The Barbel should be slightly under your nipples.
  4. Don’t fully extend your arms to prevent joint injury.
  5. Lower slowly and don’t bounce the Barbell on your chest to gain momentum.
  6. Finish your Set and rest for a minute.
  7. Repeat

Incline Dumbbell Press

The incline dumbbell press is good to work your upper chest and is pretty difficult to perform because you have to balance the weight individually. This exercise also trains the triceps and the shoulders.

Skinny to Buff Incline Bench

That dude lifting topless?
Alpha as fuck.

How to Incline Press

  1. Rest the weights on your legs.
  2. Fall back on the bench and position your arms like you would BenchPress.
  3. Lift the weight and don’t fully extend your arms.
  4. Lower the weight around your nipples.
  5. Finish your Set and rest for a minute.
  6. Repeat

The Cable Cross

Cable Cross is a good way to get a tough burn in your chest and pump it up. This will harden your chest. 

Skinny to Buff Cable Cross

Would not Bang.

How to Cable Cross

  1. Position yourself 1meter beyond the Tower with the right or left foot forward so there is 1-meter distance between your feet.
  2. Move the cables under your chest.
  3. Bring your hands together.
  4. Finish your set and rest for a minute.
  5. Repeat


Crunches are a good way to develop that 8-Pack. I am guilty of doing them wrong for a whole year. I still have fat to burn on my packs! So you please start doing them correctly. Crunches must be slow and controlled. 

Skinny to Buff Crunches

Easy as fuck.

How to do Crunches

  1. Position yourself like that dude.
  2. Move your upper body up without using your arms to elevate your head.
  3. Do not lift your lower back up.
  4. Go up and down slowly.
  5. Finish your set and rest for a minute.
  6. Repeat

Incline Crunches

Incline Crunches are awesome to develop the lower abs which make women go nuts. These will burn very much. Don’t be an idiot like me and do them fast. They must be slow to burn. Don’t give up if you lose motivation. It takes discipline to win.

Skinny to Buff Incline Abs

Go up to right angle

How to do Incline Crunches

  1. Go into starting position.
  2. Go lower.
  3. Go up to a right angle.
  4. Finish your set and rest for a minute.
  5. Repeat

Forearm Curls

Your forearm muscles will be trained every day but they need special attention to grow. Same like calves. If you don’t give them special attention like you should give your girlfriend the relationship/muscles won’t grow.

Skinny to Buff do Forearm Curls

Do your forearm curls.

How to do Forearm Curls.

  1. Sit on a bench with two Dumbbells.
  2. Position your Forearms on your Legs with your hands above the ground.
  3. Curl that shit.
  4. Finish the set and rest a minute.
  5. Repeat

Pull Ups

Pull-ups are a really good way to grow your Back, Biceps, and Forearms. They are pretty hard to do and you will not be able to do 5 of them as a skinny faggot without strength. They are fun to do and one of my favorite exercises. 

Skinny to Buff Pull Ups

That dude needs to eat more.

How to do Pull Ups

  1. Grip the bar Shoulder-Wide.
  2. Pull yourself till your head is over the bar.
  3. Finish set and pause a minute.
  4. Repeat

The Deadlift

The heaviest movement known to men. This movement is mainly for your lower back and leg biceps. But it also trains your whole arms including forearms and some of your upper back. It’s a whole body movement. This exercise is fucking awesome to become a strong big motherfucker. You will hate it because it is heavy as fuck.

Skinny to Buff Deadlift

Good form.

How to do the Deadlift

  1. Position Feet shoulder wide.
  2. Grip the BB in an alternate upper/down grip like in the picture.
  3. Shoulders and Knees should be aligned and look forward.
  4. Lift that mafugger.
  5. Finish set and take a minute rest.
  6. Repeat

Dumbbell Rowing

Dumbbell rowing is a good exercise for your upper back and arms. You can lift heavier dumbbells in this exercise. I lift with 35KG Dumbbells. Doing those kills you after Deadlifting. If you wanna make people respect you build a huge back and start lifting heavy on back days. 

Skinny to Buff Dumbell Rowing

How to do Dumbell Rows

  1. Place your knee and arm on the bench like ma niggeh on that picture.
  2. The leg should be half a meter away from the bench.
  3. Lower your arm while keeping a straight back and lift that mafugga back up.
  4. Finish set and rest a minute.
  5. Repeat

Barbell Rowing

Barbell rowing is your last exercise on back day. Don’t wonder if you feel like a grandpa the first 4 times you do this back workout. People will tell you “You will destroy your back”. They are right with only one difference. You destroy your back muscles and they will come back stronger after they are recovered. People that don’t lift heavy on back days have weak backs.

Skinny to Buff Barbell Rowing

Start with low weight because you only move your arms in this exercise.

How to do Barbell Rowing

  1. Feet shoulder wide with shoulder wide grip.
  2. Back arched around 45° like in the picture.
  3. Lift that piece of metal with your arms only.
  4. Finish set and rest a minute.
  5. Repeat

Dumbell Sitting Shoulder Press

Heavy as fuck movement. Will rip your shoulder to pieces if you lift heavier than you can do. You lift heavy dumbbells at the same time above your head so control and strength are very important in this exercise. 

Skinny to Buff Shoulder Press

Looks like a man.

How to do Dumbell Sitting Shoulder Presses

  1. Sit down and listen. Na just kidding Sit down and position weights on your legs.
  2. Take some momentum and bring them in Position A (Picture).
  3. Lift those bitches like the bitch in Picture B.
  4. Finish set and rest a minute.
  5. Repeat

Dumbbell Side Lifts

These will burn your shoulders. After this exercise, you will barely have strength left in your shoulders. You do this exercise with one arm at a time.

Skinny to Buff DB Side Lifts

How to do Dumbbel Side Lifts

  1. Grab DB and lift that piece of metal up to shoulder height.
  2. Finish set and rest a minute.
  3. Repeat

Dumbbel Front Raises

The last shoulder exercise to make sure your shoulders want to commit suicide but actually call for help. Front raises will burn. You will use lighter DB with this exercise. I personally hate this exercise because I have to use low weight DB and this shit burns hard. 

Skinny to Buff Arni Raises

Arnold laughing at you combining front raises with shoulder press.

How to do Dumbbell Front Raises

  1. Lift DB till you reach shoulder height otherwise, you combine with shoulder press like Arnold.
  2. Finish set and rest a minute.
  3. Repeat

Dumbbel Shrugs

Shrugs are the only exercise we use to give your bitch necks special attention. It worked for me. Does not mean it works for you. In my opinion, you should do Shrugs 3 times per week like forearm curls and calve raises because these are typical weak points in every physique. 

Skinny to Buff Dumbell Shrugs

How to do Dumbbel Shrugs

  1. Grab Dumbbells.
  2. Lift your shoulders up as far as possible.
  3. Finish set and rest a minute.
  4. Repeat

Hanging Leg Raises

A great exercise to develop your core muscles and get some strength in your grip. From a technical view of point, it is easier than it looks. Just grab that bar and raise your knees. If this exercise does not burn you are doing it, wrong bro. Looks impressive so enjoy it.

Skinny to Buff Hanging leg raises 

READY FOR SEX. (Don’t do it like this.)

How to do Hanging Leg Raises

  1. Grab bar above your head.
  2. Lift your knees as high as possible.
  3. Finish set and rest a minute.
  4. Repeat

Alternated Dumbbel Curls

This is a standard exercise. Nothing breathtaking. When you do this workout hold your DB like you would do hammer curls (Picture.) to prevent injury and then flex when the DB’s reach your Biceps for ultimate contraction. 

Skinny to Buff Alternate DB Curls

How to do Alternated Dumbbel Curls

  1. Position yourself like the dude in picture 1.
  2. Rotate the Dumbbell and flex at Biceps.
  3. Finish set and rest for a minute.
  4. Repeat

Barbell Curls

One of my favorite exercises. Helped me tremendously getting rid of these wood sticks that were my arms.

Skinny to Buff Huge Nigger Curls 

(Kali Muscle) visit his youtube! He is very entertaining.

How to do Barbell Curls

  1. Lift that Barbell
  2. Finish set and rest a minute.
  3. Repeat

Skull Crushers

They are called Skull Crushers because they will break your head if you not control the movement. Skull Crushers are the best exercise to get some mass on your Triceps. They are really REALLY good to get bigger triceps aka bigger arms! 

Skinny to Buff Skull Crushers

How to do Skull Crushers

  1. Graban SZ-BARBELL and lay on a bench
  2. Position the Barbell above your head.
  3. Lower it in front forehead and lift it back up again
  4. Keep your elbows together as close as possible
  5. Finish set and take a minute break
  6. Repeat

Triceps Cable Pulldowns

A good exercise to fully contract your Triceps. I like this exercise because I can really feel out my Triceps. Make sure you have suiting weight otherwise you engage your shoulders too much and.they are not the targeted muscle group.

Skinny to Buff Triceps

How to do Triceps Cable Pulldowns

  1. Press Cable down and flex Triceps at the end.
  2. Finish set and take a minute break.
  3. Repeat

Bench Dips

Bench dips are easy and fast to do. They really burn your triceps and you do them till failure.

Skinny to Buff Bench Dip

How to do Bench Dips

  1. Place your feet on another bench while pushing yourself up from the bench behind you.
  2. Go down as much as possible.
  3. Push up.
  4. Finish set and take a minute rest.
  5. Repeat

Exercises Performed on Machines

You will use machines for all the exercises that are not explained. I don’t explain them because you have to adjust the machines and they guide your movement. I can just tell you this if you feel the targeted muscle you are doing it right. Here are the exercises you will use machines for. Now you just need to put in the work and your transformation from skinny to buff will be complete in just a year!

  1. Butterfly
  2. Calve Raises
  3. Abs Press
  4. Leg Press
  5. Leg Extension
  6. Leg Curls
  7. Biceps Curl Machine

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.


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