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Lone Wolf no More – My Story

For the first time in my life, I really feel like writing, I don’t know what the fuck I have written before.

The writing was a means of making money and I start to think that you can not really write meaningful words when you are doing that…

When you write for money you choose a good title, optimize for Jewish Google and put in some affiliate links in there plus links to your funnel and hope that you make money from it.

From this day I will never again publish articles written by me to make money. You don’t make money writing anyway if you are not super famous, go to steemit if you want to do that.

This post is straight from my heart, emotional & meaningful, full of purpose & experience written for myself to come to a conclusion… written for you guys to learn from my experience…

Are you an “Introvert” or a “Lone Wolf?” I want you to ask yourself the following question “Am I happy alone?”.

I am surely not, for years I have lived alone because I was afraid people would make fun of me for my essential tremor, make fun of me for being different.

I was different in a sense that I have started to read 2 hours every day, to lift 4x per week and to build my own business and to improve my life in all the other aspects too.

It is really hard to not feel annoyed by sheepish small talk in the gym, or in the grocery store. I am really annoyed by RedPill knowledge ala “Shit-Testing” that you somehow have to be okay with people insulting you or making fun of you on a permanent basis.

Just to show that you aren’t hurt and that you have to do the same shit to be considered a man or to be strong enough for that group.

Illimitablemen is the smartest motherfucker I know in the Manosphere. But I personally won’t allow people to talk like that to me anymore.

I don’t care anymore what these sheep think. I don’t want to be a part of men that lift 3x per week and talk shit for an hour while they are there.

I don’t want to be part of kickboxers that have trouble establishing boundaries with their women who don’t hold their words when they invite you to train and don’t show up.

I have met 1 single man who is able to establish boundaries with people, hold his words and who puts in the action. Sadly I was too much of a faggot 2 years ago to realize the worth of this man and stopped the contact because he fucking annoyed me (I didn’t set boundaries).

As it turns out I am actually really bad at reading people. I was disappointed a lot when I found out that people don’t walk what they talk in the sphere. I was played.

Shit-Tests, Confrontation & Honor

The people that I respect the most don’t talk shit to each other for the sake of being tough or something.

I am talking about Paul Waggener and Jack Donovan, I am talking about Lloyd from business and bullets. These people are inspiring me through their mental strength & honor.

These Aint Introverts

Picture: Operation Werewolf in Italy

No really strong person insults someone they don’t know for fun or for shit-testing. They do it to appear strong, to defend themselves, to be seen cool, to get attention. It is not about testing us, it is about them trying to be accepted by others by being “cool”.

Fuck these people, I told one guy in the gym a month ago to stop talking shit 24/7 and he just laughed like a retard and got red because he didn’t know what to do. I just said that to him and walked home because I was done with my workout and there was nothing else to say.

He was shit-testing me not to test me but to be perceived by others as cool and tough. This motherfucker failed hard with that. I am really tired of all the fake people. I am tired of people who test us for their own gain.

I really got good confronting people but I haven’t perceived this shit testing as a reason to put boundaries as this would be seen as weak. SEEN AS WEAK, which means that I was trying to be accepted by others by not being seen as weak.

I was playing their game even tho I didn’t like it. This is now over. Shit-testing will not be tolerated anymore. In fact, if someone shit tests me from now on I will tell them straight that this shit ain’t funny and that they have to stop.

Finding your Chosen People

I know that they say that the top is lonely. But I also know that Paul Waggener build a tribe 12 years ago and that he knows what to do with money, he continues to build the wolves with it and it is now a global tribe of brothers, more than a family. They experience life together and people want to be a part of it.

But how do you build a tribe, club, gang, friendship of men/women when there is nobody like you around?

Where are the motherfuckers that lift 4x per week, read books, who excel at their hobbies like building or repairing things, at playing instruments or playing pool and at build their own business at the same time? Where are the dedicated motherfuckers here close to Germany Cologne?

I don’t know, I have not found them in all the time I am here but I have to admit that I was not really looking that much. Friendships which I build in the time I live here always broke up because some people betrayed me & broke obvious boundaries.

One talked shit behind my back to the group that I have built (we were going to the bar on weekends together). They invited people I didn’t know and all that without asking me, which should be obvious. I was no pushover, these motherfuckers knew that but they still did it.

My cousin who was the first official prospect showed the blueprint of the gang to some dude asking him to join and didn’t tell me about it. I just lack the words to describe how I felt about that.

Needless to say, I kicked him out of my life forever on that day and I don’t feel regret about it.

Introverts Remember

Paul Waggener says to network online & I didn’t do that yet. I will have to build my tribe website and network in German MGTOW communities because they are the target group of my gang.

Actually, everyone who does self-improvement on a daily basis can try to become a full member of the Berserkers which is a 6 month testing period after which you have to do a fitness and a fighting test.

He also says that you have to be a fire that others want to be a part of which remembers me of the leader of the band of hawks in Berserk.

So according to Paul Waggener, you have to network & become a blazing fire to find the right people from which only 1 in 15 become a true brother.

This is the price you have to pay when you are a highly ambitioned individual. Loneliness will often visit you and test your mental fortitude. Introverts & Lone Wolfes often experience loneliness and it ain’t no way of life.

Life is Only Temporary

Don’t you want to see the world? Don’t you want to attain glory & become a legend? Don’t you want to smoke and drink a beer at a bonfire with your chosen people after you worked out with them?

I am tired of this lone wolf & Introvert life. It is no way of living. Sure most people suck when you strive to become a legend but they are certainly out there. It is a matter of networking in the right place and becoming a huge raging fire that everyone wants to become a part of.

It will become my way of life now, the gang I mean. I will always think about it, I will always improve it like I improve myself, and day by day I make it more real than the day before.

Strife towards excellence, Experience life together with your chosen people, Become a Legend and live a life of identity, of being someone in this dead, soulless, meaningless automated feminized world.

Go Berserk.

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  1. MrDoublingDollars 07/10/2017 at 06:23 - Reply

    I hope you get the urge to write again in the future, this is some good shit.

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