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The Writers Workout – This Does Not Only Work out Your Muscles!
This article is inspired by one of my favorite Hustlers Dylan Madden (Because we are on the same grind) who wrote this hilarious tweet on Twitter. I am certain that he really does this, he is insane, just like me. However, I like what he does so much, that I have created a fucking workout for it!

If you use a penis pump you can even grow your dick while doing that! Like that you would grow your brain your muscles & your dick at the motherfucking same time!

Just kidding tho, who could concentrate like that haha. I am a savage tho, maybe I will try it someday. If you look at the tweet from Dylan again you can see that he trains his biceps before every set of 1000 words.

Before I start to write about the workout I want to congratulate Dylan for being such a Boss, imagine you walk into your CEOs office and he just finishes a part of his book and then does biceps curls afterwards, awesome.

Also, there are too many manosphere writers who don’t work out but talk about it nonstop, it’s the same with pickup artists that don’t have any videos… I am not gonna call names here, just look for yourself.

In my opinion, everyone who does not have big arms is still partly blue pill. So this needs to be fixed. 

Do you guys think you can do this for a month? Your Smarts, Muscles & Websites will grow a lot through this workout! This is the ultimate self-improvement work out!

And if you are done just post a picture of your arms into the comment section and I will upload that to my weekly roundups!

The Writers Workout Itself:
Take the maximum amount of words that you can currently write per day, split that into 3 parts and after every 1/3 part you will do:

30x Pushups, 30x Squats & 30 Crunches! And you will have to do that every day!

In my example that would currently be 3000words, 90 Pushups, 90 Squats & 90 Crunches per day (total)! But you also have to improve yourself, Sky is not the limit! If you manage to write 10000 words, 300 pushups, 300squats & 300 crunches I will put your article into the #1 place of my next weekly roundup, because damn, this is what I call Blood, Sweat, and Honor!

But these are not all the benefits of this workout. It will also keep you awake & focused & pumped up, that will reflect in your writing & in your mood!

Besides that, this is also good for your back! So you don’t only grow your biceps and brain, but you also improve your health a lot!

  1. Take 1/3 of the words that you can currently write (in this example 1000 words equal 1/3)
  2. Write 1000 words and then do 30 Pushups, 30 Squats and 30 Crunches in a row
  3. Get back to writing
  4. No breaks & follow the rules.

The Writers Workout – Rules
1. You will still have to hit the gym like you usually do

2. You will still have to write all the other things that are important.

3. No crying, you will have to write even if you don’t feel like it. Take a look at this app that will delete your shit if you don’t write for longer than 5 seconds:

4. You must listen to flow state Music. My personal favorite is Lloyd Banks (any track), his flow & bass gets me into flow state asap. You can also listen to binaural beats, many find them useful myself included, but they, to be honest, just plain boring (just like some peoples writing). I wish more people would go nuts and just be themselves. You are writing a blog, don’t be like everyone else, people want to get to know you!

5. Everyone has to install the app called “FOCUS” in that app you can enter websites that you want to block (think Twitter, Facebook, Email Clients etc.) and set the time for how long you want to block them (you can unblock them anytime, but that is blasphemy!)

6. Your table and workout space need to be clean, you also need to have coffee or water around. 

People That are Currently not Writing
You can do this workout too! You will have to start a blog on (It’s free + it takes 2 minutes then you can write) and you will have to write your journal there! (You can keep it private and make money with it later if you desire that).

Write about what you have done today, how you feel and what you have to do tomorrow, do that every day and write a lot of words, be very detailed.

The purpose of a journal is to connect the dots, to look back on past success & mistakes and to learn from them & to see how you are doing in general.

Every smart person has a journal and you need one too. And if you keep writing and pumping your writing and your muscles will improve & grow a lot! Who the fuck does not want that? I don’t know.

People That Find This Offensive
Let’s see what the mighty Stoic Socrates thinks about your faggotry:

The Writers Workout – Conclusion
This will grow your muscles and your brain at the same time, this makes it the best self-improvement that you can do without reading a boring book & without going to the gym + it is free (except computer costs, electricity bills you know what I mean).


About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.



  1. Jim 15/09/2017 at 15:03 - Reply

    Fantastic article man. Fired me up big time (also Lloyd Banks is the shit, thanks for that recommendation)

  2. Peter 22/07/2017 at 09:01 - Reply

    If anyone wants to get fast track their life then starting here is a great way. The mind are body are one and their own. To optimize your life they each should be worked individually.

    No excuses any more people, get to work.
    Nice job.

  3. Dylan Madden 21/07/2017 at 13:58 - Reply

    First off great article. If your readers follow this workout daily they will change their life quickly. Secondly I’m honored you were inspired by that tweet. Nothing better than getting a pump and writing. Guarantee’s a great day.

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