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Why Single Mothers Can Not Raise Men
Single mothers love feminism and they literally proved themselves unable to raise men since they made a bunch of stupid decision. First of all, they had sex without protection with a man that did not want to have a relationship with them.

He failed to wear a condom and she failed to take the pill.This is usually the mistake here, children by accident. Which they then continue to abort or make beta males off.

The second mistake is that can not keep a relationship with that man because they are cheating, or annoy the man so much that he does not want that girl. Some men also did not want children but they failed to use condoms, these guys are just idiots.

So most of these boys grow up without a father. The only thing the fathers support their daughters with is money because the mother demands money from that poor guy because she is a stupid whore that denies the father to see his daughter but she demands to get all his money. Fucked up law, thanks to feminism we have shit like this now.

The next reason is that women simply live in a different reality. They make decisions based on their emotions, they are also highly irrational beings. If they want to fuck a beta simp for the lulz they will do it without thinking about the consequences.

They also have it much easier than men, they get jobs just because of the female quota and they get half the sentence for the same crime a man did. They get sex whenever they want and they are socially supported, men are a piece of shit for lady justice.

Another reason is that women are not men. Men experience a different reality than women (look at my points above). Women can simply not raise strong & independent men, they teach their daughters what that means.

Children need both parents, girls will become entitled princesses that think that they deserve the world just because they have a vagina between their legs and boys will become beta ass boys who fail at everything at life who are absolutely scared of anything who will then suffer from anxiety.

Boys that miss a feminine mother will not learn how a woman provides value to man. Girls that lack a feminine mother will later become masculine women because they are will be entitled princesses that need muscles and money because men are all evil mysagonist pigs.

Why Single Feminism Loving Mothers Create Beta Ass Losers
Single mothers can simply not create alpha males because they are like I said too stupid and not men. To raise a strong boy you need to be a masculine father, period.

But single mothers could teach their boys strength & independence. Strangely they teach that to their daughters and not their boys, why they do that? I think they hate their sons because they remind them of the guy that left them.

They want them to always protect them to love them no matter what (what they wished from the guy they had unprotected sex with) because they don’t want other women to be abandoned. They make beta ass maggots of their sons because they are hurt and protect them from all dangers.

“Don’t climb there Jimmy”, “don’t eat so fast Jimmy”, “don’t play in the high grass Jimmy” “Be careful”, “be careful”, “be careful” and then they wonder these boys then develop huge unreasonable anxieties.

They develop anxieties because they were too sheltered as boys. What then also happens, as a result, is that these boys become dependent on vagina because their single masculine mother taught them that women are holy who need to be protected no matter what.

These boys then become white knights who fuck everything up and vote for female politicians and play captain save a hoe. Sometime later they will then develop depression because they suck at being men, they are scared, they depend on vagina, and they were abused and fooled for their whole life by their own family.

This is a really toxic pill to swallow, for some it is fatal and that is completely understandable. What do you do when there is no hope and you don’t find a way out of this miserable life If you don’t have the knowledge and society & your family does not care about you then you will do drastic things like suicide.

They also don’t go through rites of passages as their single masculine mother does not play sports with her sons or lets them explore the world be careful Jimmy She usually protects him like he is a little girl while empowering her daughter to conquer the world and destroy all evil men (just because 1 guy has left them, women are truly evil beasts).

They will wage mental warfare that will fuck you up beyond life. I rather take a fist in my face and deal with that pain for a day than to find out that my girl is cheating. But this is absolutely legit in terms of the law.

Single mothers then tell their sons to never hit women and the dilemma continues, they will be doormats for women to place a big shit on. These sons will become backup plans for women whose alpha hookup left them so they are not alone with themselves.

Guess it must really suck to be a masculine woman. If these feminism loving women are with themselves they will start to develop addictions because nobody will want to start relationships with them.

They don’t value men as they hook up with different men each week because they can not live without men even tho they are strong and independent.

So what happens is that these boys become depressed and all that because their parents were too stupid to use protection while fucking around. They have ruined a life because they were horny.

And this happens all the time nowadays, one should think that humans have become smarter than their ancestors.

Rites of Passages 
Boys need a right of passage with their dad or life will force a right of passage (we also call this the Redpill) unto them. But the kid has to learn from that passage otherwise the kid will continue to end up in shit without knowing why.

So what can a dad do to prepare his son for life aka a rite of passage to become a man? He can encourage his son to try different masculine sports (not this tennis or golf faggot shit). Like swimming, Lifting weights, Climbing, Cycling, etc.

The discipline that the kid will learn will do him very well (despite the obvious physical & mental health aspects).

The next thing a dad can do with his son is sparring with boxing gloves and later send him to a gym to practice boxing, kickboxing or whatever the son likes.
There he will learn discipline, fighting and real values like brotherhood, strength & courage.

This will help his son a lot later in life because nothing hits harder than life does. Another thing which I have no experience off but can think of as a good slap of reality is hunting.

Teaching your child to shoot deer, to hunt rabbits to skin, gut, grill and eat them. This will teach the son that life is sacred and that food should not be taken for granted.

It will also give him the ability to defend himself against others & it will greatly increase his confidence & the bond with his father will also be greatly improved. I also heard that it is a good way to practice patience.

Other things that also serve as rites of passages:

Encouraging your son to join the army There he will be forced to be disciplined, to take care of his shit, to defend himself and how to kill, the army is the ultimate man maker. Afterwards, breakups and divorces are much easier to handle.

And lastly, a dad encouraging his son to beat up his bully at school. The son will learn what it means to punch and to get punched, he will learn to not take shit from anybody.

These are things that make men out of boys. Let’s see what will happen if these boys don’t do something to become men.

Divorce, Breakups, Losing their Home, Addiction, Depression, and death of loved ones will completely destroy them. These are rites of passages because they will have to deal with them no matter what and they will grow through it.

It will be hard for the son that was prepared by his dad too, but he will overcome it like he overcame challenges in the past. Through taking action, through discipline, through not quitting, through enduring and through courage and confidence in his abilities.

How a Loving Single Mother can Really Help Her Son
If you are a loving feminine mother reading this and you want to make a man out of your son then stop belittling and protecting him and send him off to fighting sports, encourage him to join the army and to beat his school bully up, even when that feels wrong.

But trust me, other men will help him to prepare for an adult life better than you can. You will also have more time for yourself! So be a good mother and give your son the masculine education and role models that he desperately needs to be ready for an adult life.

Schools will not do that for you as they emasculate little boys and they will recommend you to give your son Ritalin because he is too wild when it is just puberty. Schools are the largest waste of time in the life of a man. Basic math, basic reading & writing is enough. Afterwards, the parents should educate the child and life will do the rest.

Another way to help him is to buy him books about masculinity. For example “Man Up” by Charles Sledge. So much for raising strong boys as a single mother and rites of passages.

Boys need fathers to become men, it is that simple, without their fathers they will become depressed and they will at the game called life. It does not matter how masculine a woman is or can become. She will never raise a man because she is simply not a man and probably loves feminism too.

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.


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